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 Welcome to the 2010 Photo Review

The photos are a testimony about the incredible charitable contributions of our volunteers and community.

(in reverse chronological order)


decembrr heading

"It's the most wonderful time of the year..."

On the Wednesday and Thursday before Christmas, our volunteers and Executive Director made the visit to our facility "a most wonderful time of the year" for our families.  Thanks to the generosity of our many donors, each family received a raffle ticket for one of 75 special gift baskets or a consolation gift; an assortment of mittens, gloves, and hats were offered; and children could chose from an array of stuffed animals.  As families shopped, an assortment of foods filled the shelves and distribution area including eggs, butter, milk, and bread. Volunteers guided families as they selected their foods, and others assisted at the checkout area.  Upon leaving, each family received a turkey or ham.  In addition, Linda Bridge, Executive Director, coordinated an "adopt-a-family" project through which sponsoring donors provided gifts to many families.  The generosity of the community, the dedication of our Executive Director, and the contributions of our many volunteers made this holiday joyful and memorable for 501 families who sought our assistance.  


xmas 1 xmas 2xmas 4xmas 3xmas 17

xmas 7xmas 8xmas 19xmas 9xmas 18

xmas 11xmas 12xmas 13xmas 14xmas 15


xmas 5xmas 6xmas 20xmas 22xmas 23

xmas 10  xmas 25

During the two days, our families expressed their appreciation for the assistance we have given them during this holiday season and throughout the year, and many “magical” moments of generosity occurred.  Linda’s office is filled with cards of thanks from our families, and many breads, cakes, special cookies and treats were delivered to us. Throughout the two days, the spirit of giving was very evident to us.  A dad, who receives our assistance, and his son and daughter volunteered during the afternoon distribution.  The father and son assisted with the preparation of the outside distribution area, gave families turkeys and hams, and helped to unload their groceries while the daughter helped with activities inside.  A mom, carrying her 1 year old in a bjourn, visited with her 5 year old son, who was wearing a “Rudolph” hat.  They brought a box filled with holiday cookies packaged in separate bags, and the mom and her children distributed the treats to our families as they shopped for food.  Little Tabitha, accompanied by her mom, brought a box of donations and several packages of diapers.  Tabitha’s mom explained that the little girl no longer needed the diapers because she now used the “pottie,” and they wanted to help someone in need.  A married couple brought a monetary donation to Linda and had a piggy bank filled with coins, which had accumulated during the past five years.  The couple wished to donate the bank to a family as a gift.  As the couple was speaking to Linda, a man, carrying two plastic bags filled with stuffed animals and toys, and his five-year-old son, who held a gift-wrapped blanket, approached.  The father explained that his son wanted to donate the stuffed animals, toys, and blanket because he and his son had talked about the importance of giving.  So moved by this spirit of giving and after the couple learned that the man and his son were receiving our food assistance, the husband and wife gave the piggy bank filled with coins to the little boy. 

The spirit of the season filled our facility during the past four weeks, and the spirit of giving has been with us throughout the year.  On behalf of our families, we extend their appreciation for all that you have done to assist them throughout this holiday season and for making this a most wonderful year!

A community's holiday spirit ...

"Santa Run"                                       Fermi Falcons Indoor Track                                                                       Stop & Shop "Food for Friends"

santa run  fermi 1fermi 2  s and s 1s and s 2

(photos l. to r.)

1-  "Santa Run"  Chief Mascata (center) and fiefighters of The Shaker Pines Fire Department joined with the Shaker Lake Association to sponsor a run, which collected 1531 pounds of food.

2-  The Enrico Fermi High School Indoor track team distributed flyers in their neighborhoods publicizing a holiday food drive.  Team members Alyssa, Courtney, and Sam and Coach Dan O'Connell deliver 859 pounds of donated food items.

3-  Enfield Stop & Shop sponsored "Food for Friends" throughout the holiday season.  Shoppers donated thousands of food and monetary donations.


Skater City "Food Drive Night"

Amy and Ira Parlmenter conducted a "Food Drive Night" at their recreational facility.  Families received free admission for a donation of 3 non-perishable food items.  At the end of the evening, a total of 1530 pounds of food donations was collected,


scity 1  scity 2s city 5  scity 3scity 4 

scity 6  scity 7  s city 8   s city 10

(photos top row)

1-  Amy collects donated foods.   2&3-  A family donates food items and prepares for skating.  3&4-  Barry Andrusik, Community Advisor, and Amy greet Mayor Scott Kaupin.  Ira shows food donations to Linda Bridge.

(photos bottom row)

1-  Mayor Kaupin focuses on a "target."   2-  The challengers receive congratulations from the Mayor.  3-  "The Target" a.k.a. Mayor Kaupin placed 4th on the scoreboard.   4- Some of the donated items.

Henry Barnard School / Enfield High School

The Henry Barnard School PTO sponsored a food drive as a part of its "Friendly's Night," and students and staff at the school participated in their second annual loose change drive with "Team Hare" competing against "Team Turtle."  The drive collected $583.  Enfield High School's varsity hockey team collected food donations at their practice facility and in their neighborhoods, and DECA Club sponsored a donation drive.


barnard 1  barnard 2  ehs hockey  ehs 2

(photos above l. to r.)

1-  Erin Ciechowski and Shawn Gorman, Barnard PTO members, prepare raffle tickets and collect donations.  2-  Staff members present a donation to Linda Bridge.  3-  EHS varsity hockey players delivered 250 pounds of donated items.  Team members are : (front row)  Matt Boulette, Nick Varner ,Evan Boissy, Brendan Lemire, Nick Smith, Cam Korona, DJ Trudeau, Andre Moreau; (back row) Nate MacMulen, Brenton Buckhollz,Tyler Burnham, Avery Boissy, Tyler Watts, Zack Audet, Steven Daigle, Ian McDonald, Max Groszyk.   4-  Members of the EHS DECA Club present a $1000 donation to Linda Bridge.

Preparing for the holidays...

Bay Path College Rotaract Club members decorate the front room for the holiday season.

BPH 1 bpc 2 bpc 3 bpc 4 bpc 5

(photos l. to r.) 1-  Zuly, Paz, and Melissa mix the paints.  2-  Amanda finishes the branches of the fur tree.  3-  Britney hangs a snowflake.  4-  Alayna creates a menorah.  5-  The group stands in front of their mural.   

Thank You!  Gary Tallis

Gary Tallis, owner of Network Engineering Services, donated four Dell hard drives with Intel Pentium 4 processors. 

Gary and his brother, John, installed the hard drives, software, and a newly purchased printer, and they configured our network. 

(photo 2)  Gary Tallis checks the software.  (photo 3) John Tallis unwraps the new printer.  Many, many thanks from all of us!

nes logo gary t 1 gary t 2 gary t 3



community gives

Thanksgiving - 2010

On Tuesday and Wednesday, hundreds of families arrived and waited patiently to shop for food.  A  portable heater was placed near the entrance to provide warmth as the people stood beside our food bank.

people 1peple 2

Howard Reeves donated the the costs for the rental of the 40 foot refrigerated trailer; Home Depot donated the wood for the stairway; an anonymous donor paid the P& Z fee; and Norm LeBlanc built and installed the wooden access.  Throughout the week and during the shopping days, volunteer Peter Reno checked the freezer temperatures, received and loaded turkeys, cleaned the facility, and arranged the outdoor distribution areas and heaters.

(photos below l. to r.)

1- The Reeves family -( l. to r.) Steve, Ken, and Howard - visit the facility.  2- Norm LeBlanc stands beside the stairway he constructed.  3-  Peter Reno (wearing gloves) receives frozen turkeys from Evans Farrell and other volunteers.  4- 1115 turkeys await distribution. .



The family shopping days...

Volunteers are ready to assist our families on Monday and Tuesday

tuesday groupwed group

As families entered, volunteers and shelves filled with foods for the holiday greeted them.   

pumpkinsherbsdrinksaisle 1aisle 5

When families approached the check-out tables with their carts filled with food, volunteers assisted with the bagging of the items.  Upon leaving, each family received a turkey at the outside area.

(photos below l. to. r.)

1- Volunteers Bill Kweder (foreground) and Dick Fournier prepare to distribute potatoes, juice, and cheese.  2-  (l. to r.) Freda Adams, Enfield Councilwoman Cindy Mangini, and Kristyn McBride-Perrotta fill bags. 3- State Senator Kissel and Brenda St. George check items as Debbie Wentworthunloads the cart.  4- (l. to r.) Grace and Kelly, Suffield High School athletes, and Gloria wait for the next family.  5-  Each family received pamphlets (in English or Spanish) explaining cooking procedures.  These were prepared by TIna Dugdale, UCONN Dietetics instructor, and her students.


(photos below l. to r.)

1- Matt McEwen (l.) and Steve (r.) prepare to distribute turkeys.  2-(foreground) Matt receives a turkey from Patrick, a Suffield High School athlete.  3&4 -  Members of the Enfield Reds and their parents help families with their carts and distribute turkeys. 

trailer distributionoutsidereds 1reds 2

A Community Helps at Thanksgiving...


Donations arrived from every sector of our community...


carris  eppendorf  kofc  awhastings  ecc  hallmark


(photos above l. to r.)

1- Toni Boyle (l.) and John Springman of Carris Reels present a $500 donation to Linda K. Bridge.                                                                                                                                                

2-  Representatives for Eppendorf, Inc. Felicia Nelson, VP and CHRO (l.), and Lorna Merrill, Employment Manager (r. )donate $1000. 

3- Michael Dumont (l.) and Tom Joaquim give a $332 donation from the Reverend John B. O'Connell Knights of Columbus Council 14600.      

4-  Carissa Lingham of A. W. Hastings stands with Linda Bridge, Executive Director, next to the food donations collected through the company drive.  Employees  also volunteered during the Thanksgiving food shopping days. 

5-  (l. to r.) Enfield Congregational Church parishioners Priscilla Rancourt, Lynne Relation, Joe Rancourt, and Cheryl Lubanski deliver 914 pounds of food, 15 turkeys, and $155.

6-  Hallmark's United Way Committee donate 200 pounds of food and $340.  (l. to r.) Committee members are Magarita Robinson, Gary Guminiak (Chairman), Olga Myakushko, Lauren Marinaccio, Linda Bridge Bridge, and Luis Baquerizo. 

So many sponsored projects and helped with the preparation...

turkeysvol 6vol 9vol 10vol 10


Rich's Oil


richs 1

richs 2

richs 3

JFK Junior High





Enfield Congregational Church






Rich's Oil Annual Turkey Drive:

(center) Susan Tkacz delivers food to husband Rich at the grill. 

(bottom l. to r.)) Joe Levesque, Mike Champagne, Stacy Carabelli, and Rich Tkacz accept and store turkeys. 

Donors were treated to a barbecue medley, drinks, and baseball hats.  80 turkeys were donated.

JFK Junior High School

(top l. to r.) Assistant Principal Fred Provencher and Principal Tim Neville deliver the 63 turkeys into the trailer. 

(center l. to r.) Students Gabe and Cody help their Principal.

(bottom)  Students empty the Principal's turkey-laden SUV.  In addition to the turkeys, the students and faculty donated $560.

Enfield Congregational Church Drive

(top) Priscilla Ranccourt moves the cart to the loading area. 

(center)  Patti Magnuson and son Ben unload donations. 

(bottom)  Parishioners finish the delivery.  The parishioners collected 15 turkeys, 914 pounds of food, and $155. 


St. Martha School                                                                                                                      Parkman               South Windsor High School                                                  Enfield High School

st m 1st m 2st m 3  parkman  sw 1sw 2  ehs honor

(photos above)

St. Martha School - Sister Theresa Marie- Principal, Theresa Jablow- Secretary, and students load donations for delivery to us.

Edgar Parkman School -  Angela Futterlieb and daughters Brianna and Leah delivered 1000 pounds of food and a $175 donation from the faculty.

South Windsor High School P.E.P. Club -  Students Jhoan, Mike, Ryan, David and faculty advisors help to unload 1709 pounds of food donation collected during their holiday drive.

Enfield High School National Honor Society -   Zack, Eliza, and Brittney, Honor Society members, unloaded 350 pounds of food donations.


K. of C. #50

kofc 1


kofc 2


Enfield Junior Women

jr womens

Prudential Insurance


Enfield Reds

reds 1

reds 2

Pack 108

pack 108

Tom Donahue's Troop 292

t donahue

(photos above)

Knights of Colunbus Council 50 - (l.-r.)Tim Phillips - Grand Knight, Brian Phillips, and Paul Cunningham deliver a van filled with 217 turkeys to Linda Bridge, Executive Director. 

Enfield Junior Womens' Club - Club members stand with Linda Bridge after delivring food donations.

Prudential Life Insurance - (l. to r.) Debra Warner, Chet Lempitsky, and Sally Peters donate 7 turkeys, 172 pounds of food, and $100.

Enfield Reds - Members of the Enfield Reds Little League, coached by Tom LaPointe, collected 1159 pounds of food in their food drive, and players and parents assisted during the Thanksgiving food distribution days.

Enfield Pack 108- Pack members and parents collected 2123 pounds of donated food items during a day long drive at Shop Rite.  (above l. to r.)  Dylan, Jack, Jacob, Ezra Audet, Brooke Audet, Laura Audet, Tom, Jim, Pat, and John delivered the donations and assisted with the sorting of the items.

Tom Donahue's Troop 292-  (l. to r.) Sean, John Perry- pack leader, Guy, and Jacqueline pose after sorting donations and stocking shelves.


Boy Scout Troop 818

818-1  818-2

Girl Scout Ambassadors Troop 10340

GSA 1  gsa 3  GSA 2


Boy Scout Troop 818 -

(photo 1) Members of Troup 818 (front row) Mike, Mike, Erik, Andy and (back row) Antonio, Alex, and Jack deliver 818 pounds of food.

(photo 2) Troup members, parents, and volunteers unload the donations.  The scouts, their parents, and leaders weighed, sorted, and stored the items during an evening of volunteering.

Girl Scout Ambassadors Troop 10340 -

(photo 1) Mrs. Hanjack, Michaela, Chelsea, Brenna, Rebekka, and Mrs. Myers, members of the Girl Scout Ambassadors Troop 10340, deliver donations.

(photo 2) Chelsea (l.) and Rebekka (r.) work with Sarah (c.), a member of sister Troop 10759.

(photo 3) Linda Bridge, Executive Director, explains the procedures for checking expiration dates, sorting, and storing food items.


vol1vol 2vol 3vol 4vol 5


Lentel soup, mac & cheese, ideas for healthy eating...

Graduate interns and undergraduate students from the UCONN SNAP Education Extension Program presented ideas for healthy eating, samples of lentel soup and a mac & cheese medley, recipes, and pencils for children during their November visit to our food bank.  Tina Fox Dugdale, MS RD RN CD-N Extension Instructor-Coordinated Program, supervises the student outreach and internship experiences. 

uconn 1uconn 2uconn 3uconn 4uconn 9uconn 5

(photos below l. to r)

1- Graduate student Sarah Bourque and senior Kaylan McDowell-Smith prepare the lentel soup.  2- Senior Emily Casciano with Kaylan and Sarah explain the informational pamphlets to Food Shelf volunteer Lorna Hosley (foreground),  3- (l. to r.) Interns Kristen Chasse, Nicole Ferguson, and Amy Ponnell share ideas with a client.  4-  Amy smiles as a client enjoys the delicious mac & cheese medley.

uconn 6uconn 7uconn 8uconn 10

Enfield EMS and Starbuck's Food Drive

The Enfield Emergency Services personnel and Starbuck's collaborated to sponsor a 2 day food drive at the coffee shop on Hazard Avenue.  Paramedic Rob Lowe accepts food donations to be placed in the awaiting ambulance.


ems 1  ems 2  ems 3

"Powder Puff Benefit Football" - Enfield High School Style

The senior girls played the junior girls in the 4th annual "Powder Puff Benefit" game under the lights at Enfield High School.  The proceeds and donated food items will bolster our food assistance program.  Way to go Raiders!!!


puff 1   puff 2  puff 3


puff 4   puff 6  puff 9


(Photos row 1 - l. to r.)

1- The senior team awaits the result of the coin toss.  2- Principal Tom Duffy (center) marks off a 10 yard penalty for "excessive hugging" against the

     juniors.  3- The junior team discusses strategy.

(Photos row 2 - l. to r.)

1- Senior cheerleaders "rev up" their team.  2- The teams in action.  3- The junior cheerleaders "strut their stuff."

American Legion Post #80

american legion

Enfield Girl Scout Troop 10340

troop 1 troop 2

(photos above l. to r.)

1 - Commander Chuck McGill, American Legion Post #80, and Ray Almodivar, Post #80 member and Food Shelf volunteer, present a $500 donation to

      Linda Bridge, Executive Director.

2- (l. to r.) Robin Hanjack -leader, Michaela, Brenna, Rebekka, and Chelsea - scouts, and Gail Myers- leader deliver donations.  The girls and their

     leaders sorted donations and stocked shelves throughout the afternoon.


The Enfield Fire Department and Enfield Stop & Shop collaborated to sponsor this event.  Enfield Fire Chief Edward Richards and Stop & Shop Store Manager Richard Kozkowski worked together to plan the event.  Fire apparatus was parked at the store throughout the day, and firefighters and store employees greeted customers and encouraged them to donate non-perishable food items.  The shoppers responded with 1,740 pounds of food and $271 in donation.

 ft 1  ft 2

 ft 4  ft3

(Photos above l. to r.)

1-  Enfield Fire Department apparatus wait to be filled with food donations. 

2-  (l. to r.)  Firefighter Bob Shirley, firefighter-to-be Dylan, store employee Rhonda, and Store Manager Richard Kozkowski welcome customers and

     accept food donations. 

3-  Firefighters Bob Shirley (l.) and Matt Mucci (r.) receive help from Dylan. 

4-  (l. to r) Firefighter Matt and store employee Rhonda assist firefighter Lauren with donations, distribution of fire hats, and information.   


Bay Path College Decorating the Food Shelf for Thanksgiving 

Members of the Bay Path College Rotaract Club, advised by Dr. Cheryl Leary and sponsored by the Enfield Rotary Club, added a festive holiday decor to greet our families as they enter the main room of our facility.  In addition, the Rotaract members are sponsoring a "Lend a Helping Hand" drive at the college.  Students who make donations will have their names placed on a hand, and these hand images will be added to the display behind the meat distribution counter.


BP 13


BP 2  BP 4  BP 6

BP 9  BP 13

(Photos above l. to r.)

1- A Thanksgiving scene greets our families.  2- Amanda mixes the paints for the mural.  3- Paz creates the hand images.  4- Alayna paints colorful images of fall leaves.  5- Alayna and Amanda work on the tree image. 6- "Lend a Helping Hand" display awaits the personalized donor hands. 


halloween 1octoberhalloween 2

Pounds loss... Donations made at Weight Watchers

 ww 1  ww2

Mellisa Dorman of Weight Watchers (34 Hazard Ave. STE 15, Enfield, CT) encourged her classes to donate non-perishable

food items for each pound loss.  Pictured above are class donations of 1271 pounds.


hall 1  hall 3  hall 2   hall 4

(photos above l. to r.)

1-  Amanda, Brittany, and Paz, members of theBay Path College Rotaract Club, prepare to distribute the 600 bags of treats which club members


2-  Katie reacts with glee after receiving her bag of treats.

3-  Volunteer Ernie distributes meat products, and volunteer Jo guides families to the bread products.

4-  Volunteer Jackie models her new "do" as she distributes washing detergent. 








(photos above l. to r.)

1- With the assistance of Recreation Supervisor Joseph Petrella, the staff of the Enfield Correctional Institution collected donations. Presenting a $500 check to Linda Bridge (center) are Deputy Warden Timothy Burke and Warden Anne Cournoyer.

2- Brian Schulte, tournament chairperson, presents donations from the the bass anglers tournament including $250 from a raffle sponsored by Lee Partyka of Chevyland (Hamden, CT).  The anglers also collected non-perishable food items.

"Ideas about Healthy Eating"

UCONN Snap Education Program

Students and professors from the UCONN SNAP Education Extension Program will be presenting ideas about healthy eating throughout the year.  Under the direction of Tina Fox Dugdale, MS RD RN CD-N Extension Instructor-Coordinated Program, the students will prepare activities, offer food samples for our families, and distribute information about cooking and food safety..

uc 3  uc 1  uc 4  uc 5

1- (l. to r.) Heather Harrington, UCONN extension educator, and students Melissa Salomoni and Lexy Penney prepare the the brochures and chili.

2- (foreground) Bill and Lynette Gordon, Food Shelf volunteers, receive information from Heather Harrington and Melissa Salomoni.

3-4 A  Mom and her daughter taste the chili.

"Terror in the Pines" - Shaker Pines Fire Department

The firefighters of the Shaker Pines Fire Department along with many volunteers created a Halloween walk of terror through the pines.  The project included many ghoulish characters and eerie scenes.  The monetary and food donations were given to help our families. 

sp1 sp 3 sp 2 sp 4 sp5 sp 6

sp 7 sp 8 sp 9 sp 10 sp 11 sp 12

sp 13 sp 14 sp 15 sp 16 sp 17 sp 18

SHOP RITE employees volunteer

The employees of Enfield's Shop Rite volunteered during a recent food distribution morning.  They will be helping regularly during the year.


sr 1  sr 2  sr 3  sr 4


(photos above l. to r.)

1- Employees Tricia DelNegro, H. R. Director, and Jeanne Stewart, Front End Runner, tour the shopping area with Emily Happy Miller,                                        Community  Relations Director for Enfield Shop Rite.

2- Ted, a Food Shelf volunteer, explains the shopping procedures to Autumn Wyatt, Cashier.

3- Ed Szafran, Night Crew Chief (l.), helps Al, a Food Shelf volunteer, prepare to distribute meat products.

4- Michelle Smith, Store Dietician, assists with bagging at the check-out table.


minuteman donation


Linda Bridge, Executive Director, gratefully accepts a $250 donation from Michael and Lindsey Weber, co-owners of Minuteman Press.


Bay Path College Rotaract Club Decorates for Halloween

The Bay Path College Rotaract Club members, sponsored by the Enfield Rotary Club and advised by Dr. Cheryl Leary, decorated our main room for Halloween, will distribute “trick or treat” bags, and are committed to creating seasonal decorations and assisting with various projects throughout the year.

BP1 BP 2 BP 3 BP 4 BP 5

(photos above l. to. r.)

1- Paz Valesco (in back) and Zuly Molina, members of the Bay Path College Rotaract Club, prepare to decorate the Enfield Food Shelf for Halloween.

2- Zuly adds fall leaves to the front window while Paz assists.

3- Hanging the sign above the skeleton.

4-5 Placing scary images on the windows.



11th Annual Enfield Rotary Club Charity Golf Tournament


The Board of Directors, Executive Director, volunteers, and hundreds of families receiving our assistance, extend our deepest appreciation to Richard Tkacz, President, Joanne Smith and Cindy Mangini, golf tournament chairpersons, and the members of the Enfield Rotary Club for sponsoring this wonderful benefit and for the past and continued support given to our food bank!  Your efforts on our behalf make a significance difference for those in need and reveal "Service above self" in a very meaningful way.

golf sign

The Charity Golf Tournament to benefit the Enfield Food Shelf and Loaves and Fishes was held at the Ellington Ridge Country Club.  Cindy Mangini and Joanne Smith were co-chairs for the event.  Golfers had lunch, played 18 holes of golf in a scramble format, enjoyed dinner, and participated in a raffle.

golf 1   golf 2   golf 3

(photos above l. to r.)

1-  The Enfield Food Shelf sponsored 9th tee awaits golfers. 

2-  Cindy Mangini, event co-chair, prepares to leave for the 15th tee. 

3-  Jo Ann Walk (left) and Eileen Neeli (right) discuss strategy before teeing off.  Jo Ann was the winner of the longest drive in the women's division.

golf 5      golf 4      golf 6

(photos above l. to r.)

1-  Golfers prepare for the day.

2-  Chery Leary, seated in the cart, receives advice about putting and course management.

3-  Lou Bolduc (left) and Tim Healy (right) enjoy the dinner and share stories about their day of golfing.

Shop Rite's "Help Bag Hunger"

Enfield's Shop Rite sponsored "Help Bag Hunger" for local non-profit agencies providing food assistance to families.  Staff and volunteers

from these agencies bagged groceries throughout the day. Proceeds from the customer donations will be given to the local non-profit agencies.


sands1  sands2  sans3

photos 1 & 2- l.- Mary Ellen Killeen, Food Shelf volunteer and Board member, lifts a customer's groceries and smiles after accomplishing

the task.

photo 3- r.-  Scott Kaupin, Enfield Mayor, and Linda Bridge, Food Shelf Executive Director, pause for a moment before bagging more groceries.

sands6      sands5      sands5

photo 1- Emily Miller (center), Community Relations Director for Shop Rite - Enfield / Miller Farms Family Markets, explains the bagging

procedures to Priscilla Brayson (left), Executive Director of Loaves and Fishes, and Murray Brayson (right), President of Loaves and Fishes.

photo 2- Roger LeBlanc, President of the Enfield Food Shelf Board of Directors, finishes bagging groceries for a customer.

photo 3- Charles Miller (left) and Ray Miller (right) of Miller Farms Family Markets, greet customers and volunteers.


Day Pitney LLP's United Way "Day of Caring"


uway 1



  Staff from Day Pitney LLP (Hartford, CT) contributed a day of volunteering

  at our facility.  Pictured (front l. to r.) are Diane Larson

  and Shirley Thurston; (back l. to r.) Regina Madison, Lena

  Robertson, Linda Bridge, Exexcutive Director, Linda Witherspoon,

  and Liliana Meza.. The group checked donations, cleaned,

  and reorganized and stocked shelves.




 uway 3   uway 4  uway 2  uway 5

Veggies, Veggies, Veggies from the Community Garden

Throughout the summer, the volunteers from the Community Garden provided hundreds of pounds of fresh vegetables for our families.

garden 1   garden 2   garden 3   garden 4


lunch bunch logo

“The Lunch Bunch” is a collaborative effort to provide free boxed lunches, drinks, and activities to children from June 28 to August 27, 2010.  The need for this program arises from the increase in the level of poverty from 14% to 28% in Enfield since 2000.  This increase makes the Thompsonville area of Enfield eligible for the program.   The Food Shelf was asked to assume responsibility as the site host for the summer free lunch program in collaboration with the CT Department of Education, Community Renewal Team, End Hunger Connecticut!, Foodshare, United Way of North Central Connecticut, Town of Enfield (CT) Social Services Department, Pastor John Weaver and St. Patrick’s parish, and Karen Jarmoc, State Representative – 59th District.  We received grants from the United Way of North Central Connnecticut and Foodshare; and, with Federal funding for the meal service, provided by the Connecticut Renewal Team, these grants funded the project.  We hired two employees to direct and supervise the program. 

logo sponsor

After weeks of planning, the program opened on June 28 and continued through August 27 at St. Patrick's parish hall.  Children (18 and under) enjoyed free meals, provided by the Connecticut Renewal Team, and participated in educational and entertaining activities each day.



(below l/ to r) 1-  Maria Savio - EFS volunteer, Allison Keller (United Way), Bonney Durocher ( Lunch Bunch Site Director), State Representative Karen Jarmoc, and Lorri Valle (Lunch Bunch Site Supervisor) begin the planning for the summer free lunch project.  2-  Allison Keller ( United Way), Susannah Hogendorn (United Way), Pam Brown (Director of Enfield Social Services), and Maria Savio (EFS volunteer) develop plans for publicity. 3- Christina colors while Krista Ostaszewski (Foodshare), Liz Buczynski (United Way), and Dawn Crayco (EHCT!) discuss flyers and posters  4- (3rd from l.)  Lorri Valle (Lunch Bunch Site Supervisor) updates everyone about plans for activities.. 

planning 1  planning 2  planning 3  planning 4

(below l/ to r)  State Representative Karen Jarmoc, host of "Karen's Korner," interviews (l. to r.) Linda Bridge, Food Shelf Executive Director, and Lorri Valle, Lunch Bunch Site Supervisor, about the summer free lunch program.

             karen's korner


(below l/ to r)  1-  Krista Ostaszewski (Foodshare), and Dawn Crayco (CRT) listen as Jane Coggins (CRT) explains procedures for distributing free lunches.  2 -  Connor (substiture employee), Lorri Valle ( Lunch Bunch Site Supervisor), and Samantha (substitute employee) take notes about the procedures.  3-  Lorri Valle (Lunch Bunch Site Supervisor), Samantha (substitute employee), and Winnie Kibbe (volunteer) share ideas.  4-  Thom Prescott (EFS substituite employee), Ernesto Rios (CRT), and Stephanie Belding (CRT) listen to questions about the project. 

jane training  connor  winnie  thom

(below l/ to r) 5-  Susan Gravitch, Elizabeth Mangan, and Larry Dube from ERFC's "Summer Escape" and Dianna Wassenhove (Enfield Child Development) receive information about procedures for their closed site.




THE LUNCH BUNCH "Fab Five plus 3"

The summer free lunch program is under the supervision of the "Fab Five plus 3", a group of dedicated, understanding, and capable women.  Pictured below are (l.-r.): Lorrie Valle- Site Supervisor, Samantha Hellyar- Substitute Employee/Volunteer, Isaiah (Bonney's grandson) and Bonney Durocher- Site Director, Winnie Kibbe- Volunteer and son Logan, and Christina (Maria's daughter) and Maria Savio- Volunteer.  This group oversees all aspects of the project - cleaning and preparing the site, receiving the lunches and drinks, distributing the meals, scheduling and supervising the activities and volunteers, ordering the meals, and cleaning and closing the parish hall. They are truly the "Fab Five plus 3," and we are very fortunate to have them.

fab five

Lunch Bunchers must sanitize their hands, dispose of leftover food and empty cartons, place each in the trash, and recycle styrofoam plates.  The lunches are a variety of nutritious sandwiches, fruits, snacks and drinks.

(below l/ to r) 1- Bonney Durocher-Site Director, MaryEllen Killeen- EFS Board member, and Maria Savio - Volunteer await the Lunch Bunchers. 2. Isaiah looks anxiously at his lunch while volunteer Thom Prescott and Roger LeBlanc, Food Shelf Board President, prepare to distribute the meals.  3- Pastor John Weaver helps a lunch buncher with a stubborn carton, and State Representative Karen Jarmoc talks with kids.  4- A  mom and her children enjoy the lunch.

opening one  opening 2  opening 3  opening 4

(below l. to r.) 1 & 2- Lunch bunchers are having fun while a mom helps her children with lunch.  3- Bonny and Maria help Isaiah and Christina with their lunches.  4- Representative Jarmoc, Chair of the United Way of North Central Connecticut's Advisory Board, and Pastor John exchange humorous stories.

opening 5  opening 6  opening 7  opening 8


"Hip Hop" and " The Guitar"

(below l. to r.) 1 & 2- Jahzani and D'Onya perform hip-hop.                                   Mikey plays his guitar.

hip hop 1  hip hop 2  mikey 1  mikey 2

"Crafts" and "The Food Pyramid"

(below l. to r.) 1 & 2- Grace and Karen Jarmoc help with craft projects.              3 & 4 Kirsten Chasse-UCONN graduate student explains "The Food Pyramid."   

rotary 1  rotary 2  food 1  food 2

"Lorri," "CRT delivery," and "Sillibandz"

(below l. to r.) 1- Lorri Valle, Site Supervisor, welcomes lunch bunchers and their parents  2- Danny, a CRT employee, delivers the boxed lunches and drinks. 3-Bonney Durocher, Site Director, accepts the delivery.  4- A lunch buncher shows her "sillibandz."

.lorri greeting  crt 1  crt 2  sillibands


(below l. to r.) 1 & 2 - Magician "Erich Blaze" dazzles lunch bunchers with his card tricks and mysterious box.  3 & 4- Kirsten Chasse, UConn graduate student, helps lunch bunchers with "veggie" coloring.

erich july 8  erich july 8  veggies 1  veggies 2

"Martial Arts Performance"

(below l. to r.) "Team Integrity" of Integrity Martial Arts explained and performed martial arts and for lunchers bunchers. 1- Laura displays her skills.  2- Rachel helps a lunch buncher with a kick move.  3- Laura holds the padded mitt while a lunch buncher punches.  4 - Janice Morton, certified black belt instructor, leads lunch bunchers in various moves.

martial 2 martial 3 martial 4 martial 6

(below l. to r.) 1- Rachel, Janice, and Laura pose with lunch bunchers and one of the moms.  2 & 3- A  lunch buncher enjoys his sandwich and salad while another lunch buncher finishes her coloring.

martial 7  enjoying lunch  crafts 

"Facepainting and crafts"

(below l. to r.)  1- Amanda and Daisy, members of the Calvary Presbyterian Church Youth Group, prepare to facepaint while a parishioner helps a lunch buncher with a hula hoop.  2- Amanda puts the finishing touches on Oscar's designs.  3- Kevin smiles as he displays his painted images.  4-  A lunch buncher shows her hula hoop skills.

facepainting 1   facepainting 2   kevin   fun

"Lyndsey's Crafts and games"

(below l. to r.) 1 & 2 & 3 -  Lyndsey Weber, Enfield Rotary Club member and past President, helps a lunch buncher assemble her craft puzzle. 4- A mom gives help to her children as they finish their colorings which will be proudly displayed at the "Lunch Bunch Art Gallery."

lyndsey 2   lyndsey 1   lyndsey3   lyndsey 4


"One Grain of Rice"                                                          


    Volunteers from Community Renewal Team, End Hunger Connecticut!, Enfield Food Shelf, Foodshare,

    United Way, the Connecticut Department of Education, the United States Department of Agriculture, and

    State Reprensentatives Karen Jarmoc and Kathy Talarita read the story and led a hands-on activity with the

    children after they had eaten their free lunches.  Ellen Phillips, librarian in charge of Head Children/Teen

    Services at the Enfield Public Library, prepared materials and oriented the volunteers prior to conducting

    the activity.  The story is a "mathematical folktale" about a raja's small promise to a young girl which becomes a big

   deal through the power of multiplication.


(below l. to r.)1 - Ellen Phillip, Enfield librarian, shares an activity after reading the folktale. 2- Gloria McAdam, President and CEO of Foodshare, exchanges thoughts about the folk tale. 3- State Representative Karen Jarmoc questions the lunch bunchers about the story.  4-State Representative Kathy Tallarita engages a mom, dad, and son in a story activity.

ellen   gloria   karen   kathy

(below l. to r.) 1- Krista Ostaszewski of Foodshare shares a joyful moment with a lunch bunch kid.  2- Jeff Smith and Kim Albanese, Pepperidge Farms representatives, read the story with kids and their mom.  3- Lina Smith of Pepperidge Farms reads the folktale in Spanish for a brother and sister as their mom listens.

krista   jeff and kim   someone  

(below l. to r.) 1- Alison Keller, United Way, talks with Lucy Nolan and Dawn Crayco, both from End Hunger Connecticut! 2- Steve Casey, Northest Utilities Advisory Board, listens as Dawn Crayco, End Hunger Connecticut!, explains the events of the day.  3- Jane Coggins, nutritionist for the Community Renewal Team, shares ideas with Bill Kweder, Enfield Food Shelf Board member and volunteer, and Bob Zwack, Connecticut Department of Education.  4- Nancy Pappas, Community Renewal team, asks questions about the program.


ali dawn lucy   jane bill bob   dawn steve   nacy


Kirsten's "Smoothies"

(below l. to r.) 1- Bananas, strawberries, orange juice, and yogurt - the ingredients for the "smoothies" - are ready for the blender.  2- Kirsten Chasse, UConn graduate student, explains the importance of nutritious drinks.  3- A  lunch bunch kid reaches for the strawberries.  4-Another lunch bunch kid lifts the cup, filled with the "smoothie."

smoothies 1   smoothies 2   smoothies 3   smoothies 4


A visit from the Enfield Fire Department

(below l. to r.) 1- Engines from the Thompsonville and Enfield Street fire stations await the lunch bunch kids.  2- Firefighter Don Ellis helps the lunch bunch kids as they climb into the rear compartment.  3- Dave Hayes, Thompsonville firefighter, explains the role of the co-pilot.  4- Scott Ellis and Ernie Bouthiette, both Thompsonville firefighters, greet a lunch bunch kid.

fire 1   fire 2   fire 3   fire 4

(below.)  A lunch bunch co-pilot gives a "thumbs up;"  others are seated in the rear compartment; and the lunch bunch driver gets ready "to roll."

fire 5    fire 6    fire 7


Rotary Club Crafts and Games

(below l. to r.) 1- Jennifer Smith labels a jar of beads.  2-  Cindy Mangini ponders her next move.  3- A  lunch bunch kid tests Cheryl Leary 's memory.          4- Jennifer Smith reviews the rules for "Don't Spill the Beans" before playing.

rotary 1    roaray 2    rotary 3    rotary 4


A Birthday Cake for a Lunch Bunch kid "at heart"

bcake 1bcake 2  


  Roger's wife Mary, granddaughter Camille, and daughter Katie (Camille's mom)

  surprise Roger with a birthday cake.  Lunch bunch kids sing "Happy Birthday" and

  enjoyed the cake.  When a lunch bunch kid asked, "How old are you?" Roger

  answered, "Really old!"



"Souped-up Blazer," Face Painting, & FoxCt WFSB CH 61 Mobile unit

The "Souped-up Blazer" and the WFSB CH 61 mobile unit await the lunch bunch kids. Jeff Foss, photographer/editor for FoxCT News, brought the mobile unit for kids to explore and enjoy.  Craig Stanek, manager of On Point Connections, and friend Kristin Sherwood displayed the car and did face painting.

fox 1

(below l.-r.)  1-  Jeff invites the lunch bunch kids to see the mobile unit.  2- The transmission tower extends 60 feet above the van.  3- Reverend John Weaver, pastor of St. Patrick's parish, watches as Nick conducts an interview.  4- Lunch bunch kids sit in the mobile unit and monitor the interview.

fox 2fox 3fox 3fox 4


(below l.-r.) 1- Craig and Kristin prepare the face painting area.  2-  Two TV monitors are showing a DVD.  3- Isaiah watches the movie.  4- Kristin completes the final touches of an image while others await theirs.

craig 1craig 2craig 3craig 4

Rocky visits the Lunch Bunch kids...

(below l.-r.)  1 & 2-  Rocky arrives and greets the lunch bunch kids.  3-  "Yes!  Rocky has a long tail!"

rocky 1    rocky 2    rocky 3

(below l.-r.) 1-  Rocky gives and receives "high fives."  2 & 3-  Rocky autographs Rockcat flyers.

rocky 4    rocky 5    rocky 6

Face painting fun... and crafts & games

(below l.-r.) 1- Sheila, Pat, and Amanda, parishioners of the Calvary Presbyterian Church, apply face paint images.  2 & 3 -  Sheila prepares a smiley face and paints the image outline.  4-  Amanda applies the finishing touches on a rainbow.

face 1  face 2  face 3  face 4

(below l.-r.)  1-  Lindsey Weber and Sandy Zukowski, Enfield Rorary Club members, prepare the crafts.  2-  Enfield Rotarian Cheryl Leary enjoys helping Kevin as he creates his foam craft project.  3- Enfield Rotarian Jo Ann Walk shares a humorous moment.  4- Joanne Smith, Enfield Rotarian, helps with a mosaic craft activity.

rotary 2    rotary 1    walk 1    smith  

(below l.-r.) 1-  Volunteer Jeannie Smith helps lunch bunch kids with the creation of foam craft projects.  2- Lou and Joanne Bolduc, Enfield Rotary Club members, assist a lunch bunch kid as he creates his bead craft project.

jeannie                             lou and joanne

A visit from "Promise"...

(below l.-r.)  1- Enfield Police Officer Croteau looks on as Samantha and Christina play with "Promise."  2-  "Promise" loves to be petted.  3-  "Promise" greets a lunch bunch kid as Officer Croteau keeps her in tow.

promise 1       promise 2       promise 3

"The Lunch Bunch Country Club," a megamini miniature golf course...

(below l.-r.)  1- Enrico High School seniors spent part of their summer creating a 3-hole miniature golf course.  (front row l,-r.) Shannon Stephens, Kayla Kamerer - organizer of the project, Miranda Lempitsky and (back row) Dean Brodeur and Faye Koenigsmark set-up the course and supervised the golfing.  2 - The golf clubs and balls await. 3&4 - A  lunch bunch kid tees off on the "Wild West" hole 1.

lbc 1   lbc 2   lbc 3   c10

(below l.-r.) 1- Miranda places the finishing touches on hole 2, the "Beach Blast" .  2- Nick puts for par while two lunch bunch golfers eliminate the sand trap.  3-  Guadalupe and her partner watch as her putt approaches the hole.  4- A "little princess" assesses her next shot.

c11  lbc 7  c12  c13

A Congressman; Kristen's nutrition fun; and "banana snakes"...

(below l.-r.) 1- "Carrot," a.k.a Connor Duperre, and "Apple," a.k.a. Lorrie Valle, prepare to greet the lunch bunch kids, their parents, and Congressman Courtney.  To the right of "Carrot" is Professor Tina Dugdale, extension instructor for UConn's "Coordinated Dietetics Program" and, to the left of " Apple" is Kristen Chasse, UConn graduate assistant for the "Community Collaboration Project" and creator of the nutrition activity. 2- The nutrition table is being being prepared.  3&4 - Kristen directs the nutrition warm-ups with the assistance of her professors and friends.

c 1   c 4   c 2    c 3  

(below l.-r.)  Congressman Courtney talks with a mom and her daughter while (center) Lena Rodriguez, President/CEO of the Community Renewal Team, Inc., and (right) Gloria McAdam, President/CEO of Foodshare, Inc. listen.  2- Congressman Courtney sits with lunch bunch kids and Ms. Rodriguez as they prepare to create their "banana snakes," a delicacy consisting of banana slices covered with soy chocolate sauce and topped with a raisin.  3- A  grandmother sits with her grandchildren and a friend and wait for instructions about creating the "banana snakes."

c7           c 6           c5

At the conclusion of the lunch and activity period, Congressman Courtney poses with lunch bunch kids, Ms. Mc Adam, and Ms. Rodriguez..  The Congressman spoke with many parents and kids, and he graciously signed autographs and posed for photos.  His visit thrilled everyone!



Bicycle and Walker Safety...

Enfield Police Officer Grosham explains the importance of bicycle and pedestrian safety to the kids.  Officer Grosham gave many tips about riding bicycles and walking safely.


bike1       bike 2  

Forest Park's "Zoo-on-the-Go"...

(below l. to r.) 1- Carolyn, a supervisor at the Forest Park Zoo, arrives with "Poncho," the macaw.  2-3 Carolyn displays "Kayla," the python and allows the kids to stroke her gently.  4-  Carolyn carries "Dozier," the tortoise, and "Clyde," the turtle.

z1    z2    z3    z4

(below l. to r.)  1-2  The kids stroke "Dozier's" tail and feel his shell.  3-  "Poncho" listens to a song and begins to dance.  4-  "Pork Chop," the porcupine, sits quietly and munches on lettuce.

z5    z7     z6       z8

"Back Pack Day"...

(below l. to r.)  On the final day of the Lunch Bunch,117 kids enjoyed lunch and received back packs and supplies.  1-2  Lou Bolduc, an Enfield Rotarian, delivers 60 back packs and a donation of $957 to purchase school supplies. 3-4  Employees of Unum Insurance Company (Enfield) brought 32 back packs filled with school supplies and assisted with the distribution.

b1    b2    z3    b4

(below l. to r.)  1-  Bill Kweder and Lorna Hosley, Food Shelf volunteers and Board members, distribute supplies.  Reverend John Weaver, pastor of St. Patrick's parish, parishioner Alice Riley, and Linda Goguen, Food Shelf volunteer and Board member, assist.  2-3- Dawn Crayco of End Hunger Ct!, Krista Ostaszweski of Foodshare and Connor Duperre, a volunteer, help kids and their families.  4-  Volunteer Connor Duperre assists a mom. 

b5    b6    b8    b7




Hallmark "Canstruction"

hallmark 1

The Enfield Hallmark United Way Committee created a lighthouse, constructed with canned foods, and donated 283 pounds and $150. 

hallmark check

(l. to r.) Patti Mitchell, Lauren Marinaccio, Nancy Eastman, Kelly Williams, and Gary Guminiak-United Way Chair present a $150 donation to Linda Bridge. Hallmark Cards contributed an additional$95.




St. Bernard's Volunteers



st b

Volunteers from St. Bernard's Parish spent a Saturday morning sorting foods, stocking shelves, and cleaning.  Pictured above are: (front row l. to r.) Christine Gomeau, Keegan Gomeau, Killian Gomeau, Nicholas Gomeau, and Henry Gomeau; (back row l. to r.) B. J. Gomeau, Chris Chase, Christina Valletta-group organizer, Beth Chase, and Ken Chase.



Harley Dressers Touring Association


Linda Bridge (l.) accepts a $500 donation from Joyce and Earl Reynolds, representatives of the touring group.

Rockville Bank Sponsorship


Rahika Deshmukh (r.), assistant manager of the Somers branch, presents Linda Bridge with a $500 sponsorship for "An Evening with Tom Chapin" benefit concert.

"A Day of Caring Compassion"


Chief Carl Sferrazza organized the Enfield Fire Departmant's response to Governor Rell's 2nd day of caring and compassion.  Pictured above, Fire Captain Don Ellis delivers 425 pounds of donated items.




A Concert to End Hunger and Thirst

tc group  














Tom Chapin (center), Jon Cobert (left), and Michael Marks (right) delighted the audience with a blend of inspirational, powerful, and enjoyable songs, many of which stressed the importance of childhood, respect for the environment, and the power of individual commitment.  Several of the songs elicited enthusiastic audience participation.  The group's performance of "Hunger and Thirst" eloquently expressed the the anguish experienced by individuals needing food assistance.  We hope Tom and his friends will return for another concert in 2011.

     linda welcomesken rog

(above l. to r.) 1- Linda Bridge welcomes everyone and extends thanks to sponsors, contributors, volunteers, and those attending.  2- Ken Nelson, Town Councilman, greets everyone and emphasizes the importance of the Food Shelf and its volunteers.  3 - Roger LeBlanc, President of the Board of Directors, explains the realty of hunger in Enfield and describes the unique characteristics about our food shopping model and the summer free lunch program in progress at St. Patrick's parish hall.


Here Comes the Navy...

Kellen Voland, Chief Petty Officer for the United States Navy recruiting station in Enfield, has arranged for recruits to visit our facility and assist with the food distribution.

(below l. to r.) 1- Chief Petty Officer Voland and recruit Dave Chokas pack green bags at the check-out table.  2- Recruit Aubrey Gionfribbo smiles as she assists families with bread selections.  3- Recruit Sara Pelkey teams with volunteer Ann Ryder at the check-out table.  4- Recruit Sarah Kobe hands a green bag to a client while volunteers Flo Tompson and Ann Ryder finish the check-out process.

navy   navy  navy  navy

(below l. to r.) 1- Recruit David Altier, Tori Novo, Petty Officer 1st class at the U. S. Navy Recruiting station in Enfield, and recruit Derrick Wood prepare to distribute meats and juice. 2- Recruit Scott Mitchell smiles as he helps a client with her green bags filled with food.  3- Walter, a volunteer, explains the check-out procedure to recruit Spencer Roby.

navy 5   navy 6   navy 7

A Food-filled 4th...

On Wednesday and Thursday (June 30 & July 1), a total of 400 families shopped for food prior to the holiday weekend.  In addition to the regular groceries, families selected from a variety of holiday treats - assorted candy, bagels, pizza, hot dogs and hamburgs as well as rolls, cantaloupes or cream pies, chocolate milk, and 4th of July plates, cups, napkins, and plastic cutlery.  Our families enjoyed a food-filled 4th of July thanks to so many monetary and food donations.


string candy       breads       pies       hot dogs


cantelopes      cream pies      milk      napkind cups




Raffle baskets, Scout donations, Ice Cream Social...  Oh my!

ACC raffle  troop10348  nathan hale

Photo 1- Pam Phelan, Chair of ECE at Asnuntuck Community College presents a donation of $450 raised through the sale of raffle baskets.

Photo 2- Junior Troop 10348, led by Sandy Willoughby, present Linda Bridge with 61 pounds of food donations.  Pictured from left to right are: Caitlyn, Hailey, Sydnie, Rebecca,Stephanie, Kayleigh, Carly, and Caitlin.

Photo 3- Nathan Hale School hosted its annual "Ice Cream Social" to benefit the Enfield Food Shelf.  The school raised $225 and the PTO matched that amount.  Presenting a $450 donation to Linda Bridge (center) are (lt. to rt.) Jen Stone and Mary Scutt, PTO members; Bridge; Jane Vasseur-Zbikowsk, PTO member; and LeAnn Beaulieu, Nathan Hale principal. 

"Furry Friends Ministry" of Holy Trinity Church

furry1    furry 2    furry 3

(left photo) Members of the "Furry Friends Ministry" sort pet foods. (center photo - l. to r.) Linda Bridge, Executive Director, Elaine Bristol,

chairwoman of the "Furry Friends" project, and Nicole, a volunteer, prepare the donations for distribution. (right photo)  Some of the furry friends

look at their potential meals.  The project will provide our families with food for their pets.

Network Against Domestic Abuse Representatives Visit...


Barbara Calcasola (l.), NADA Community Education representative, speaks with Food Shelf volunteer Joyce Frangiamore (r).


NADA information awaits interested clients.


Darla Lizotte, Shelter Manager, explains details about the NADA program.


7th Annual Maine Fish Market Benefit Golf Tournament

maine fish check


Nick Vamvilis (3rd rt.), co-owner of the Maine Fish Market, presents $7000 checks to the Enfield Food Shelf and Loaves and Fishes.  Pictured from left to right are: Ashley Amerio, employee; Linda Bridge, Executive Director; Vamvilis; Priscilla Brayson, Director of Loaves and Fishes; and Murray Brayson, President of Loaves and Fishes.


kathy      golfers signing in      nick

             Kathy greeting golfers...                                         Golfers buying raffle tickets...                                     Nick welcoming Tony...

golfers ready      volunteers on course      refreshments

           Golfers- Get your drivers...                                             On-course volunteers                                               Cold drinks anyone?  

evans and quay      dick      food shelf fore

                      We're ready!                                                        Let's see... +6...  Ugh!                                              Rog, Quay, Dick, Evans                   

                                                                                                                                                                                           "The Food Shelf Fore!"


"Stamp Out Hunger" - 17th Annual National Association of Letter Carriers' Food Drive

On a rainy Saturday in May, the Enfield letter carriers collected 22,000+ pounds of food donations and delivered these to drop-off sites or the Food Shelf.  Volunteers at the drop-off sites brought the donations to our facility, and other volunteers weighed, sorted, boxed, and stored the 11 tons of donated items at our facility.  The project was an incredible community effort.


postal logo  proclamation  truck 1  truck 2

(1) National Letter Carriers' logo; (2) Mayor Scott Kaupin reads a proclamation to Linda Bridge at a Town Council meeting. (3-4) Letter carriers

deliver donations.

truck 3 truck 4 ken n donations

(6-7) More carriers and more donations... (8) Councilman Ken Nelson unloads items. (9) The donated items await.

volunteers 3 volunteers 1 volunteers 2 volunteers 4

(10) Tom begins the sorting. (11-12) Volunteers check, sort, pack, and store the foods.





...honoring the people who make it happen...

flower april 1 alan scott lindagerry lindacindy


           rog       linda 1      citation   

(photo 1) Roger welcomes the volunteers.  (photo 2)  Linda thanks the volunteers.  (photo 3) Mayor Scott Kaupin (left) and Cindy Mangini (center) present a Town Council proclamation expressing appreciation for the efforts of the volunteers to Linda Bridge.


          volunteers 14 volunteers 13 volunteers 4 peter

        volunteers 1  volunteers 8  deam and mom  evans

In the photos above, our volunteers greet each other and share their experiences as volunteers.

2010 VIP (very important person) Award Recipients


(from l. to r.) 2010 VIP Award recipients are Norm LeBlanc, Mike Baudin, St. Adalbert's Parish.  Accepting for St Adalbert's are Kimberly Grein, Ehrich Grein, and Anna Grein.  The awards are presented for outstanding and continuous support for our efforts to assist families needing food assistance.  Norm LeBlanc has arranged for sponsorships, assisted at various projects, and transported hundreds of turkeys to and from the cold storage site in Springfield during the Thanksgiving Drive and distribution.  Mike Baudin has donated more than 16,000 pounds of snacks and drinks.  St. Adalbert's Pastor Edmond O'Brien and the parishioners have provided years of support through food donations, monetary contributions, special projects, and visits from it "Little Angels."

thank you



"Benefit Auction and Luncheon"

Enfield Women's Club


Carol Censki, President (left) and Laura Dentamaro (right), Chair of the "Birthday Bags and  Pocketbook Auction," present a $1540 donation to Linda Bridge, Executive Director (center).

"Cans for Kids"



Gary Raffia, owner of Raffia Road Service Center (105 Raffia Road, Enfield, CT) and sponsor of the project, presents a $5000 donation to Linda Bridge, Executive Director. Cans may be placed in the donation box at the auto center.


News briefing about

An Act Concerning the Children of the Recession

State Representative Karen Jarmoc hosted a news briefing about "An Act Concerning the Children of the Recession" at our facility on Monday, April 19. Speakers in the photo below (l. to r.) included Carl Asikainen, SNAP Education Manager for Northeast CT Outreach - End Hunger Connecticut!; Gloria McAdam, CEO of Foodshare, Inc.; Representative Jarmoc; Roger LeBlanc, President, Enfield Food Shelf - Board of Directors; Linda Bridge, Executive Director of the Enfield Food Shelf; and a mother, who receives our food assistance, shared a powerfully emotion testimony about her life.

    speakers          carl           rog

           Representative Karen Jarmoc (center)                                          Carl Asikainen, EHC!                                                  Roger LeBlanc, President

   listening        attendees        invited        krista

(photo 1-l.to r.) Bill, Bill, Sue, and Lorie, Food Shelf volunteers; (photo 2) Gloria, Joan, Lynette- Food Shelf volunteers and Mr. Santacroce;, (photo 3 - l. to r.) Alison Keller, United Way, Inc.; Karen Weseliza, legislative assistant to Congressman Courtney; Amy Morales, Coordinator of Enfield's Family Resource Center; Kate Faherty, Parent Educator for Enfield's Family Resource Center; Cindy Mangini, Enfield Town Councilwoman; (photo 4- l. to r.) Krista Ostaszewski, Volunteer Coordinator for Foodshare, Inc.; Suzette Strickland, SNAP Policy Manager, End Hunger CT!.  The group listens as the comments are made about the impact hunger on the children of Connecticut.  The text of President LeBlanc's remarks is as follows:              

The Forces of Hunger and Thirst

At our facility, we have witnessed an alarming increase in the need for food assistance.  As of April 15, 561 families totaling 1453 people (851 adults, 602 children) are registered to receive our food assistance.  Most concernedly, 364 of the 561, 65 % of the registered families, have children. An average of 338 families shop weekly, and 23 new families re-qualify or register for assistance each week.  This is far ahead of the same period last year.

From our perspective at the grass roots level, hunger and thirst are relentless forces that attack our families daily.  They do not discriminate; they are apolitical; and they place the most vulnerable, our children, in harm’s way.  Lurking in the shadows are the allies of these forces – delayed educational development, emotional distress, stress, inadequate nutrition, and poor health.  These forces and their allies terrorize our families and their children every day. We see, hear, and sense the effects of these forces on our families in their questions: “How does my daughter go to the prom if I cannot afford a dress and the costs?”  “Will I have enough gas to drive the kids to their activities and still be able to buy the food we need?”  “How can I work if I cannot afford day care for my daughter?”  “How do my husband and I pay our son’s college education?” “It’s been 7 years!  Will I ever receive the thousands of dollars due me for child support?”  “How do I pay for the $200 per month increase in my rent?”  “Do I buy diapers, formula, and wipes or bread and milk?” “How do I make my children understand?”  “Will I ever be able to provide a normal life for my children?”  How many of these questions have we asked ourselves lately or if ever?  As the onslaught of the forces upon our families and children gains momentum, others – a weakened economy, continued unemployment, increasing prices and decreasing paychecks, strained municipal budgets, and cuts to education and social service programs – lend their support to assure that the devastation is complete. These powerful forces and their allies have intensified the need for food assistance and pose a formidable challenge.



Our non-profit agency has responded to this increasing need because the residents of Enfield understand the scope of this situation, and they contribute to our efforts with an incredible level of volunteerism and charitable donations.  All sectors of the Enfield community understand the seriousness of the situation and the ramifications, especially as it affects our children; and they and we respond effectively and immediately.  However, non-profit agencies like ours cannot bear sole responsibility for securing the safety net for needy families and their children.

The forces of hunger and thirst and their allies can inflict life-long damage upon children because they have negative impacts on learning, emotional well being, nutrition, and health.  All of us must protect our children and assist their families because this is our civic responsibility and moral obligation as individuals and as a society.

In closing, I congratulate End Hunger CT, State Representative Karen Jarmoc, Speaker of the House Christopher Donovan and all others for their contributions to AN ACT CONCERNING CHILDREN IN THE RECESSION.  This certainly will strengthen the safety net, deliver some of needed assistance to families and children in need, and combat the forces assaulting them.  Finally, I encourage everyone to join the effort against these forces.  We are the greatest country in the world.  Standing together, we will not allow the forces of hunger and thirst to prevail.




Mike delivers...

mike 1

Mike Baudin unloads some of the hundreds of pounds of chips and snacks.

 Savings Institute Bank & Trust


Ed Palomba, Enfield Branch Manager, presents a $100 donation to Linda Bridge, Executive Director.

Enfield High School Civics Class Project



Students Leah and Ryan with teacher Chris Senior deliver 175 pounds of food and and a $51 donation raised during a class project.

 Blair Manor Pancake Breakfast


blair manor

Kathy Shephard (standing left) and Sylvia Bishop and Mary Drumm (seated l. to r.) present a $300 donation to Linda Bridge, Executive Director.  The staff and residents conducted a Pancake Breakfast featuring the Easter Bunny to raise the donation.


census sign 1 census sign 2 census sign 1 census sign 2 census sign 1 census sign 2 census sign 1 census sign 2

Helping the U. S. Census Bureau...

The United States Census Bureau selected us to serve as an assistance center and requested our help with publicity for the 2010 Census campaign.  A Census Bureau representative was available to assist our families and the general public during our shopping hours beginning March 24 and continuing through April 15.  We enlisted the assistance of State legislators and representatives, the Town Council, the Board of Education and school officials, the Enfield Chamber of Commerce, the Department of Social Services, the Enfield Senior Center, Grassmere Country Club, On Point Connections, Minuteman Press, Voices for Thompsonville, the Enfield Rotary Club, the public, and our volunteers and recipient families.  Everyone responded to our request for help.  Together, we made a difference!!! 

census 1    census 2    census 3    census 4

                We displayed a banner.                       Alyssa assisted families.                        We posted signs.                      We gave shirts and hats to families.

                                             census 6                                                           census 5

We wore hats and shirts and encouraged our families and the public to complete and mail the census form.

census sign 1 census sign 2 census sign 1 census sign 2 census sign 1 census sign 2 census sign 1 census sign 2


American Legion Post 80 Donates

american legion

Chuck Edwards, Commander of the Tanguay Magill American Legion Post 80, presents a $500 donation to Linda Bridge, Executive Director.


"Here comes Peter Cottontail..."  A special Easter for our families...



Peter Cottontail (a.k.a Kara) greeted our families.



Families had an opportunity to guess the number of fish in the jar.  The winner received the special Easter basket.



April Bunny, Melissa (center) and Debbie prepared to distribute vegetables.



A  variety of selections awaited our families.



Easter bunnies greeted our shoppers.



Hams or chickens, bacon, and assorted sausages were available.



Susan Bunny distributed cakes and cupcakes.



A  variety of breads were available.



After checking-out, Clara distributed Easter baskets, Easter eggs, and Easter treats.




H. B. Stowe "Penny Drive"


19th Annual Scantic River Splash

scantic 1     crowd



Students present a $250 donation to our Executive Director.  (top row l-r) Lydia, Jacob, Devin, Linda Bridge, Chase, Amanda Taylor, Jayanna;  (bottom row l-r) Antonio, Valerie, Adrianna, Stephanie, Joslyn Mack, Ashley. 

Jeff and Mike Dynia organized another successful event.  Racers navigate the rapids  Spectators gather at the finish line above the Scantic River.  The canoe sits filled with 475 pounds of donated food items.

Easter treats and Easter baskets for our families...


   treats 1      treats 2

treats 3  treats 4

Pat and Joe Banning deliver many boxes of Easter treat bags prepared by the parishioners of the Enfield Congregational Church for our families.


baskets 1  baskes 2

baskets 5  baskets 

(top row) Lauren with the help of her family prepared 75 Easter baskets for our families.  (lower photos)  Andy and Jeremy, Food Shelf volunteers, assist with storing of the Easter baskets.,

Some of our many dedicated volunteers...

al       susandebbie        ed

                                      Al prepares meats.                                  Susan and Debbie distribute drinks.                        Ed stocks shelves.

lou        richard        dave

                                      Lou checks the cookies.                            Richard replenishes snacks.                            Dave moves food items.


Enrico Fermi High School's National Honor Society Serves...







Amanda, a junior, prepares signs.

Kayla, a junior, distributes assorted items.

Felipe, a senior, restocks shelves.



Enfield High School's

DECA "Powder Puff" Benefit


$ 1000 donation

All in a day of volunteering...


kim   markapril

                                 Kim                                          Mark and April

codyjaketom   sydney

                     Cody, Jake, Tom                                        Sydney

Under the direction of Mrs. Stone, EHS juniors played against the seniors in the 5th annual game. Senior Sarah Bent and junior Robert Caravello present the donation to Linda Bridge.  Robbie's father, owner and manager of Enfield's Chicago Sam's donated $100 for the 1st junior touchdown.

Kim distributed yogurt and blueberries.  Mark and April supervised the shopping at the meat counter.  Cody, Jake, and Tom retrieved carts and helped with check-out.  Sydney filled shopping carts and helped families with their "green gags." 

Stop & Shop's "Food for Friends"


Dan Jowett, Customer Service Manager (left), and Marty Michonski, Customer Service Department Head (right), presented a $4621 donation to Linda K. Bridge, Executive Director.  "The Food For Friends" fundraising event took place during the 2009 Holiday season at the Enfield Stop & Shop (store #2605, 54 Hazard Avenue).  Rich Kozikowski, Store Manager, was instrumental in the success of this fundraising project.  Also, the management makes a donation box available for shoppers to donate non-perishable food items.

It's a SNAP...

dee snap

krista snap

Toiletries for our families...

lutheran 1

lutheran 2


(above) Dee Dreslough, Foodshare volunteer, processed information for a family member in order to receive S.N.A.P. (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits. (below) Krista Ostaszewski, Volunteer Coordinator for Foodshare, assisted Dee in processing the information.  Foodshare volunteers are available once each month to assist families at our facility.      

Parishioners of The Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer prepared assorted toiletries for distribution to our families.  The church volunteers visit once each month and distribute various items such as hats, mittens, gloves, toiletries, and assorted items.

In, above, and beyond...

lorri 1

lorri 2

Valentine greetings...

valentine 1

valentine 2


Lorri, a volunteer, went "in, above, and beyond" as she cleaned and stocked shelves for our families.


A Valentine Day basket raffle, special treats, and a decor of hearts greeted our families.  These were created by Linda Bridge, Executive Director, and Diane Loveday, a volunteer. 



Fermi High's Future Business Leaders of America Volunteer...

Student members the Enrico Fermi High School "Business Leaders of America" and faculty advisor Brendon Walsh volunteered during family shopping hours.

dallas matt and dustin brendon dean
Dallas, a senior, distributed cottage cheese and yogurt. At left, Mike Tippo received help preparing meats from Matt, a junior, and Dustin, a freshman. Advisor Brendon Walsh talked with Dean, a senior, about assisting shoppers.
holly ray gisel gisel
Holly, a freshman, greeted families and helps at the check-out counters. Seniors Matt and Gisel assisted at the breads and pastries section. Gisel serveed as a translator for Spanish speaking applicants and families.

The Olive Garden Restaurant Treats and Donates...



olive garden



linda tim volunteers
Olive Garden Restaurant, 41 Hazard Avenue, Enfield, CT Tim Connelly, manager, presented a $1000 donation to Linda Bridge, Executive Director. Volunteers and Board members were guests for lunch. Seated (l. to r.) Lorrie, John, Dave, Tom, Linda, Barbara, Cathy, Dick, and Roger.

"Task Force on Children and the Recession"

Sponsored by Chairperson Speaker of the of the House Chris Donovan and Co-Chairperson Representative Karen Jarmoc

in partnership with Congressman Joe Courtney and Enfield KITE (Key Initiatives to Early Education) held at Asnuntuck Community College







Linda Bridge presented information to the panel.

Members of the panel listened to the testimonies.





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