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Welcome to the 2011 Photo Review

The photos are a testimony about the scope of the charitable contributions of our volunteers and community.

(in reverse chronological order)



During the two days of food distribution prior to Christmas, 486 families visited.  They were greeted with an array of foods, meats, breads, deserts, holiday bags, and stuffed animals.  Each family was given the opportunity to participate in a free raffle with the winners receiving an opportunity to select an item.  All of this was made possible because the Enfield community contributed with overwhelming generosity.

tom veggies dec gary

    linda renee sen k

(row1 above)

1- Volunteer Tom Arcouette prepared the vegetable tables and distrbiuted raffle tickets.

2- Gary opens the boxes of juice for distribution.

(row 2 above)

1- Renee Sawyer and Linda Goguen assist at the check-out counter.

2- Linda Bridge, Executive Director, explains the check-out procedure to State Senator John Kissel.


g scouts troop 396troop 818

vol 1fermi track

bay pathkofc 1 kofc 2

s run 1 s run 2 srun 3

(row 1 above)

1- Girl Scouts and their leader sort foods.

2- Cub Scout Pack 396 members - Jed, Dustyn, Jack, and Jeremy - deliver 213 pounds of donations collected in their holiday drive.

3- Boy Scout Troop 818 conducted their annual "Scouting for Food" project and collected 740 pounds of donations.

(row 2 above)

1- Judy Sullivan, Bob D'Alessandro, and other volunteers sort the food donations.

2- Members of the Fermi High School Track team deliver 525 pounds of food collected in their annual drive under the direction of Coach Dan O'Connell.

(row 3 above)

1- At its holiday gathering, faculty and staff of Bay Path College conducted a "Gifts of Food" project.  Dr. Carol Leary ,President of Bay Path, presents monetary and food donations to Molly Coon, Education Coordinator for the Food Bank of western Massachusetts, and Linda Bridge, Executive Director of our food bank.

(row 4 above)

2-3 "Hair Today... gone tonight!"  Paul Cunningham, Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus Council #50, talks with Linda Bridge, Executive Director before the shaving of his head.  Paul challenged fellow Knights to surpass the previous year's turkey donations and promised to have his head shaven if they did.  290 turkeys and $825 were donated.  The Grand Knight's locks are shorn..

(row 4 above)

1- Captain Ed Prajzner and a fellow firefighter deliver 814 pounds of donated foods collected during the annual Shaker Pines Fire Department's "Santa Run" sponsored with the Shaker Lake Association.

2- Chief Charles Mascata (center) helped his firefighters with the delivery of the donations.

3- Members of the Shaker Pines Fire Department assisted inthe project and delivery. 


St. Patrick's Church Choir - Benefit Christmas Concert

st pat concert


3 - Reverend John Weaver, Pastor, welcomes the audience, explains the need for food assistance, and introduces the choir.


1 - 3  Annemarie Haines directs the choir, which performed a medley of beautiful Christmas songs, and she led the audience in a spirited holiday sing-along.

4 - Michele Basile generously and talentedly accompanied the choir.

The benefit concert raised $425 and collected 148 pounds of donated food items.


"... walking in a winter wonderland..." - Courtesy of the Rotaract Club of Bay Path College

bay path december

1-2 Seasonal images greet our families as they shop during the holidays.

3 -  Amanda finishes the holiday greeting above the front door.

4 - Brittany and Paz create the winter wonderland scene.

5 - (l. to r.) Zuly, Brittany, Amanda, Alaina, and Paz have completed the decorations.

6 - Alaina attaches a seasonal welcome.

novembert drive

In the aftermath of "Storm Albert," we were concerned that the need for turkey donations and the items necessary for a holiday meal might not be realized.  On Tuesday, November 8, we had 17 turkeys; on Tuesday, November, 22, 1256 turkeys had been donated.  All sectors of our community responded to our pleas for assistance with incredible charity and concern for those in need.  Special thanks are extended to the media - Fox News-TV, NBC NEWS CT-TV, Enfield Press, Hartford Courant, Journal Inquirer, The Reminder, and Patch.com - for the coverage given to our turkey crisis.  All of us and, especially, the hundreds of families who receive our assistance deeply appreciate the donations in order to provide a holiday meal.  Many, many, many thanks...

The Enfield community and those in our region responded to our requests with unprecedented charity and volunteerism during a holiday for giving thanks...

feet 1feet 2feet 3

Hundreds of Enfield families stood patiently in the brisk days and waited to shop for a Thanksgiving turkey and all of the fixings.  Many arrived hours before our opening.  Hundreds of volunteers helped during the two days for distribution, and many continued to assist families beyond our closing times to assure that everyone would be served.  525 families received our assistance during the holiday food shopping days.  All of our families expressed deep appreciation for the concern and charity of our community and the volunteers.

Hundreds of volunteers and donors made it happen...

nov 21 22 volunteers

Prior to opening on Monday and Tuesday, many volunteers assisted with the preparation - stocking shelves, getting turkeys ready, separating and boxing donated items, accepting turkeys and recording turkeys, operating the check-in area, and registering 17 new families.  During both days, the regular volunteers (above) were supplemented by : A. W. Hasting employees; Enfield Reds Little League coaches, parents, and players; state and local government officials; representatives from nonprofit agencies; grandparents with their grandchildren, entire families, students, and individuals wanting to lend a hand.  The corp of more than 100 volunteers welcomed and guided families, replenished stock, supervised the check-out aeas, packed and carried grocery bags to cars, prepared cardboard for recycling, and cleaned.  The outpouring of concern and care for those in need made the two days tremendously meaningful and successful.

A cornucopia of holiday foods awaited our families...


Our families had an array of holiday food selections as they walked through the aisles with their carts. Volunteers assisted families as they shopped.  After checking out, each families selected a turkey at the outside distribution area.

d 1

1- Bob Fredericks carries turkeys to the trailer.

2-3 Enfield Town Councilwoman Cindy Mangini talks with Paul Davis and Dick Fournier.  Outside, Cindy speaks with families and guides those with children to the entrance.

4-5 A.W. Hastings employees Bonnie and Mary Jane assist families with the selection of items.

6- Turkey cooking pans and assorted items are available at the counter.

7-8 A  shopping cart filled with items is ready for checkout.  Volunteer Marcus hands a turkey to a recipient.


1- Volunteers pack green bags at the checkout counter.

2- Suffield High School student athetes Brady and Dalton and Athletic Director Mike Bosworth sort the items.

3- Joan Carrera, a 35 year Food Shelf volunteer, places items on the tables for Suffield High student athlete Katie to pack.

4- Becky, an employee of A. W. Hastings, and volunteer Linda Goguen assist a family with bagging items,

5- Alyssa and Joan Alaimo work diligently to pack the green bags.

6- State Senator-7th District John Kissel assists at the checkout area with members of the Enfield Reds Little League team and other volunteers.

7- Enfield Reds players with their coaches and parents carry groceries for the families.

Getting ready...

reeves   turkeys   truck    truck 2

1- Howard Reeves (center) , owner of Reeves Transport Inc., donated the cost of the freezer truck rental.

2- Hundreds of turkeys await distribution.

3-4 Volunteers Peter, Dan, and Kyle store turkeys in the freezer truck and prepare the distribution area.

volunteers 1

1- Volunteers receive food donations, evaluate expiration dates, sort, and pack items.

2- Girl Scouts with leaders and parents prepare the distribution.

3- Five year old Evelyn donates a turkey and the fixings.

4- Members of the Enfield Junior Women's Club deliver turkeys and 127 pounds of donated foods.

5- Tanner and sister Ella donate a turkey.

volunteers prepare

1- Tim Phillips, K. of C. member, hands a box of donated turkeys to Kyle , a volunteer.

2- Paul Cunningham, Joe Tiroletto, and Tim Phillips, members of the Knights of Columbus Council #50, deliver 290 turkeys and $400.  This donation resulted from Grand Knight Paul Cunningham challenging the members to surpass last year's donation of 213 turkeys.  If the challenge was met, Cunningham would shave his head.  Challenge met; mission accomplished; Paul's head will be shaved!

3- Hundreds of turkeys are stored in freezer trailer.

4- Volunteers Bill Watson, son Marcus, and Kyle receive instructions from Peter.

5-6  The Jamoc children - Owen, Grace, and Celia - joined their mom and assisted at the sorting table. Karen Jarmoc, Chair of the United Way of North Central Connecticut Board of Directors, places food in sorting boxes.

7-8 Volunteers work diligently to prepare for the holiday distribution.

dec volunteers

Enfield Reds -  Members of the Little League team deliver hundreds of pounds of items collected during their annual drive.

Scout Troup 818 - Scouts load turkeys into the trailer and bring donated items for preparation.

JFK "Turkey Trot" - Connell Clark, teacher at John F. Kennedy Middle School and advisor for the "Turkey Trot," presents Linda Bridge, Executive Director, with a $300 donation raised at the event.

Edgar H. Parkman School - Brianna, Leah, and their mom stand on the scale with 581 pounds of donations. The PTO, the faculty, and students worked together on the holiday project which also raised $250 and supermarket coins.

ShopRite's "Turkey Tag" Donation Drive

sr 1  sr 1

sr 2   sr 3

Blockbuster Food Drive


bb 2    

ShopRite's "Turkey Tag" Donation Drive":

When the Miller family learned about our turkey crisis, they immediately implemented a campaign which encouraged shoppers to purchase one turkey and for $10 more an additional turkey would be donated to the Food Shelf.  To date, shoppers have donated 160 turkeys.

1- A  turkey donation tag awaits a willing customer.

2-3 Cheerful cashiers assist customers with their purchases and donations.

Blockbuster Food Drive:

The management conducted a drive encouraging customers to donated non-perishable food items.

r 1     r2     r5

                               r3  r4

4th Annual Turkey Drive at Rich's Oil :  60 turkeys collected and donated

1- Caroline Tkacz prepares the hot coffee, drinks, and snacks for donors.

2- Rich Tzacz (3 rt.) and wife Carolyn greet the Bergers.

3- An employee volunteer serves donors.

4-5 Another employee volunteers places a donated turkey into the van. 

dec comcast

Reverend John O'Connell Knights of Columbus:

Michael Dumont (l.) and Richard Adams (r.), members of the St. Martha parish Knights of Columbus, present Linda Bridge with a $106 donation.

Comcast of Enfield :

Maureen, a company representative, presents Linda Bridge with a donation of 15 turkeys and 100 pounds of food.

Enfield Police Department Explorers:

Linda Bridge explains the mission, the need for food assistance in Enfield, and the operations of our food bank to the members of the Explorers.  The members of the group donated $50 and 96 pounds of food.

st m 3   st m 1  st m 2

St. Martha School Thanksgiving Drive:

Students from the St. Martha Parochial School conducted a Thanksgiving Food drive.  Students are shown loading the 349 pounds of donations for delivery.


Charity from all ages...

hallmarl  ehs  kids 1 

ryan  evelyn


1- Candance and Carmel Alaimo, Hallmark employees, deliver 307 pounds.

2-  Club Advisor Richard Senior  and Amy, Anna, and Stephanie, members of the Enfield High School Thespian Troupe donated $260 and 104 pounds of food.

3- Executive Director Linda Bridge and volunteer Tom greet and accept donations from Caleb and Ella.

4- Ryan's parents and friends celebrated his 8th birthday.  Ryan asked that well-wishers donate food instead of gifts.  Ryan delivers 112 pounds of food.

5- Five year old Evelyn donates a turkey and all of the fixings.


Cub Scout Pack 108:  2547 pounds of donated food items

Members of the troop with their leaders and parents conducted two "Scouts for Food" drives, one at ShopRite and the other at Stop&Shop, on consecutive Saturdays.

pack 3pack 1pack 2pack 4

pack 5pack 6



ShopRite of Enfield made its store available for the food drive.  Scouts collected 1200 pounds of food.

2- Bear Scout Nicholas and Tiger Scout Jack encourage shoppers to donate.

3- Tiger Scouts Evan and David accept donations.

4-6 Leaders, parents, and scouts deliver and weigh the donations.

Stop&Shop made its entrances available to the scouts.  Scouts collected 1347 pounds of food.

7- The group welcomes customers.

8- Bears Cubs David and Chris brave the chilly as they collect donations.

9- Bear Cub Jamison, sister Erika, and their mom await shoppers.

10- The collections are stored in carts.



Carona's Market -

1 - Linda Bridge, Executive Director, accepts the turkey donations.  Carona's Market (Pearl Street, Enfield, CT) teamed with State Senator John Kissel to encourage donations.  Senator Kissel publicized the drive on his weekly radio broadcast.

2-3 Roger, Carona employee, and a volunteer carry the turkeys to be stored in the freezer trailer for distribution.

Enfield Reds-

1-2 Team members, coaches, and managers deliver hundreds of pounds of donated items collected in the team's neighborhood drive.


StepRiteLLC Clinic

step 1step 2

CVS Flu Clinic

cvs 1cvs 3cvs 2

StepRiteLLC Clinic:

Elizabeth Wilson Gonzales, CPed, CFo, met with individuals during a recent food shopping day  to offer information about therapeutic shoes, and she assisted with determining shoe sizes, footwear needs, and ordering.

CVS Flu Clinic:

CVS of Suffield (CT) staff conducted a flu clinic during shopping hours.  Assistant Emond Etti prepares a flu shot for administration.  Technician Sam Smith welcomes clients.  Elizabeth Johnson, PHD offers information about the flu shot and the importance and procedures for receiving one. 

The Rescue of "Food Shelf," the kitty

kitty 1kitty 2kitty 3

Linda English rescued "Food Shelf" kitty yesterday.  As she was assisting at the check-out area adjacent to the side widow bordering the parking lot, she noticed a kitten as it scampered across Enfield Street, through our parking lot, and into the wheel well of a car parked in the handicapped area.  In the heavy rain, Linda tried to entice the kitty to come to her, but it resisted and disappeared under the bumper.  The driver did not want to move the car, fearing she might harm the kitty.  After many failed rescue attempts, the kitty moved to the tail pipe.  Linda saw it, snatched it, and brought it into the front room to clean and warm it.  As she did, Alice, a client, saw the kitty and asked if she could take it home because she always wanted a white cat. We suggested she name it "Food Shelf."

UCONN Huskies - Information about Healthy Eating

Throughout the year, University of Connecticut students in the "Dietetics and Nutrition" program have visited to provide information to our families about healthy eating.  The students include informational pamphlets, recipes, samples, and answer questions about nutrition..

huskie uc 1 uc3

uc 2 uc 4 uconn 5

2- The healthy eating display with tasty samples of fresh vegetable salsa and whole grain cookies is ready.

4- 5 UCONN seniors Julie and Natalie, Carly and Kassie, Pui and Rachel are ready to greet our families.

6- Graduate students Theresa and Leah asked clients to taste cheese cubes in order to determine which has 50% fat content.


New freezers...

Thanks to $4000 donation from American Eagle, we purchased two new freezers which are more energy efficient and have a refrigerator in each.  Kittredge Equipment Company removed the old freezers and installed the new ones.

amrican eagle

Linda Bridge, Executive Director (l.) accepts the donation from Leonie W. Soumahoro, Manager of the Enfield branch, and Brian A. Kennedy, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations.

freezer 2     freezer 1



Happy Halloween from the Bay Path College Rotaract Club


bp 4   bp 2   bp3

Alana, Amanda, Zuly, and Paz, members of the Bay Path Path Rotaract Club, decorated the facility for Halloween.


Eagle Scout Donation


Skater City Benefit

skater city

ShopRite's "Help Bag Hunger"


sr 1    sr2


sr 3  sr 4 sr5


Eagle Scout Donation: 

Eagle Scout Jacob Boyle presents a $160 donation to Linda Bridge, Executive Director.  The funds are the balance of Jacob's project.

Skater City Benefit: 

Linda Bridge, Executive Director and Amy, manager of Skater City, prepare for the benefit event.  Participants received a discounted admission if they brought food donations.

ShopRite's "Help Bag Hunger":

1- Emily Happy-Miller welcomes state and local government officials and representatives of various local agencies.  The event publicized the needs in our community and encouraged shoppers to make donations.  The officials and representatives assisted the employees with the bagging of groceries.

2- Sister Theresa and Mayor Scott Kaupin work together while State Representative David Kiner helps at another counter.

3- Town Councilman Bill Lee and Board of Education Chairperson Greg Stokes bag groceries.

4- Priscilla Brayson- Loaves and Fishes, Ernie Pitti - Foodshare, Inc., and Roger LeBlanc - Enfield Food Shelf bag groceries for shoppers.


Town of Enfield Municipal Employees AFSCME Local Union #1029

union 1


union 2 union 4 union 3

1- (l to r.) Ken Boulette, Scott Beiler, Adam Bajoris, and Doug Finger stand with Linda Bridge - Executive Director during a recent visit.  Ms. Bridge explained the mission of our food bank, details about its operation, and conducted a guided tour.

2-4 The group delivers 204 pounds of food donations collected at its annual picnic.  In addition, the AFSCME members prepared a huge pile of cardboard for recycling and assisted with the sorting of the donations.


UCONN Huskies

Uconn 1

Uconn 2


Zombie Walk Donation



American Eagle "Day of Caring"

am eagle

UCONN Huskies:

Veronika and Ana, senior students in the UConn Dietetic Program, visited and presented information about healthy eating.  They also distributed recipes and offered samples of roasted eggplant, cucumber and tomato salad, and baby squares.

Zombie Walk Donation:

Andy Zander, organizer of the "Zombie Walk for Hunger," present a$1200 donation to Linda Bridge, Executive Director. The event also produced more than 900 pounds in food donations.

American Eagle "Day of Caring":

Employees of American Eagle Federal Credit Union celebrated United Way's "Day of Caring" by volunteering to clean our facility ,sort and box donated food items, and stock shelves.  Pictured are :  (front) Jennifer Cowles, Joanne Valentin-Cannata, Linda Bronya, Mark Curtl; (back) Amy Washburn, Michael Cappiello, Barbara Leggio, Bea Ramsey, Susan Wade, Vilma Behm.


Maine Fish Benefit Golf Tournament

maine fish


Veggies from the Willard Cybulski Prison Facility


Maine Fish Benefit Golf Tournament:

Nick Vamvilis, owner of Maine Fish Market, presents a $7000 donation to Linda Bridge, Executive Director.  The Vamvilis family organized the 8th annual event, the restaurant staff and many volunteers assisted at the tournament, and many area businesses served as sponsors.

Veggies from the Willard Cybulski Prison Facility:

(l. to r.) Tom Samperi, Jeff Stanard, and David Roston delivered 153 pounds of fresh vegetables grown by the inmates at the facility.  This is the first of future donations which will include potatoes.


Zombie Walk against Hunger

Hundreds of the "walking dead" from Enfield and surrounding communities gathered together to walk against hunger.  The "zombies" donated 900 pounds of non-perishable food items and $1000.  Andy Zander (photo 1 below), organizer, stands next to Linda Bridge, and prepares to begin his ghostly stroll.


z 1 z2 z 3 z4


                        z5    z6     z7     z8


Arbella Insurance Group

Charitable Foundation



Penny Drive


Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation:

Jennifer Casalone (l.) and Susan Tomalonis(r), representatives of the Bearingstar Insurance Co., present a $500 donation to Linda Bridge, Executive Director.

JFK Penny Drive:

Students and faculty members of JFK Middle School presented a$1590 donation to "Enfield Charities" - Enfield Food Shelf, Loaves and Fishes, and St. Joseph's residence.  The middle school community conducted a spirited penny challenge among the three houses of the school.  


June 27 - August 26, 2011

st pats sign enter

Lunch Bunch evolved because the USDA  determined that the number of families living at or below the federal poverty level increased from 16% to 24% in the Thompsonville section of Enfield, thus making it eligible for this summer outreach program.  As a result, the Enfield Food Shelf accepted the responsibility for serving as the site host for Lunch Bunch in 2010.  The program was an outstanding success because we served 1588 boxed lunches and drinks and provided many activities for the children.  To fund the 2011 program, we received 2 grants ($2000 from the Board of Directors of the United Way of North Central CT through the United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut and $1000 from the employees of C&S Wholesale Grocers (Suffield, CT). We also received in-kind donations from Community Renewal Team, EndHunger CT!, and St. Patrick’s parish.  To honor Principal Altressa Cox-Blackwell, the faculty of Hazardville Memorial School donated $150 to the backpack drive.  Parishioners of the Enfield Congregational Church donated $188 to purchase backpacks and supplies.  At "Backpack Day" on Friday, August 26th, the Lunch Bunch kids will have the opportunity to obtain backpacks and supplies after they eat their snacks and lunches.  The Enfield Food Shelf will cover any unmet expenditures for the summer outreach program.  The project is a collaborative effort among the Community Renewal Team, EndHunger CT! Enfield Food Shelf, Enfield Social Services, Foodshare, Inc., St. Patrick's parish, and the United Way of Central and Northeastern CT.  All sectors of the community are involved in volunteering and conducting special activities.


planning 1 planning 2 planning 3 planning 4 planning 5

1-  Alison Keller - United Way of Central and Northeastern CT, Jane Coggins - Community Renewal Team, Dawn Crayco- End Hunger CT!

2- Pam Brown- Enfield Social Services, Krista Ostaszewski- Foodshare, Inc.

3- Samantha Hellyar- Assistant Site Supervisor, Winnie Kibbe - volunteer, Bonney Durocher- Site Director, Dean Brodeur- Site Supervisor, Maria Savio- volunteer

4- Dean Brodeur meets with ERfC staff to enlist assistance with the poster campaign.

5- Bonney Durocher speaks to employees of UNUM Insurance about the program and the role of the volunteers.  Unum employees will volunteer on Tuesdays throughout the program.


posters chick 1 chick 2 chick 6 chick 5

1- Students from the Enfield elementary schools and participants in the ERfC after school program created posters in English and Spanish for distribution throughout the community.

2-3 Jennifer Montagna - Bay Path College intern and friend, Matt Hayden, Samantha Hellyar- Assistant Site Supervisor and friend, Blake Zimmerman, prepare to greet parents and children during food distribution days.

4-5 "Lunch Bunch Chicken" and "Lunch Bunch Pig" greet the kids.

The costumes were provided courtesy of Jane Slupecki, CT Department of Agriculture.

Lunch Bunch 2011 Staff - "The Fab Five"

fab five

Bonney Durocher- Site Director, Nannette Olschafski- Assistant Site Director, Samantha Hellyar- Assistant Site Supervisor,

Dean Brodeur- Site Supervisor, and Jennifer Montagna- Bay Path College intern


open 1dannyopen 2 open 3 open 4

1- Jennifer, Nannette, and Dean clean tables.

2- Danny, CRT driver, delivers the snacks, boxed lunches, and drinks.

3- Bonney, Nannette, and Dean store the food.

  vip  open 5  open 6  lunches

1- Lunch Bunch VIP parking...

2- Emily, the first to arrive, sanitizes her hands as Sam supervises.

3- The" guys" get ready for lunch.

4- The drinks, snacks, and lunches...

 lunch  lunch open 8  open 8

1-2 Renee, a volunteer, distributes the drinks and lunches.

3-4 The kids enjoy their drinks, snacks, and boxed lunches.



open 9    open 10   open 12

Aaron Blais walked from table to table entertaining the "Lunchbunchers" and their parents with magical hoops and an assortment of mystifying tricks.



sr 1  sr 2  sr 3 


(from Shop Rite)

1- Trish Del Negro and Alice Reilly, a volunteer from St. Patrick's, help Emily with a craft project.

2- Mary Alice reaches for a Twister circle after Cheryl spins the arrow.

3- Kelly and Ruth supervise craft projects.


(from Unum Insurance)

unum 6  unum 7  unum 8  u2

 u 1   unum 9     unum 5

1 Linda delivers book donations.

2 Millie and Kim arrange the books for kids to take home.

2-3 Kim and Millie play "Red Light Green Light."

4- Dave Taylor and Libby Richardson, representatives of United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut, talk with "guys" as they eat their lunches.

5- Hilarie Stebbins and Erica Basile play memory with a smiling Lunch Bunch kid.

6- Bill Shepard reacts to Trevor drawing a "Sorry" card while Matt Haddock awaits his turn.



Sheila Beaudry organized teen volunteers from the Calvary Presbyterian Church to do face painting.

- Session 1

fp 1   fp 2   fp 3 

1- Daisy applies the final touches to an image.

2- Shelia creates a baseball while the mom holds her son.

3- Danielle finishes an image while other kids await their turns.

- Session 2

fp 4  fp 5


1- Taylor creates an image for Ferrin.

2- Sheila adds an American flag to Isaiah's many images.



wc 1  wc 2

G-o-o-o-o-a-l...  After eating their snacks and lunches, the teams participate in a spirited game of soccer.



fox 1  fox 2  fox 3  fox 4

1-2 Jeff Foss, videographer/editor for Fox News 30, prepares the mobile unit for display.

3- Samantha Hellyar, Lunch bunch Assistant Site Supervisor,greets Mr. Foss.

4- Mr. Foss conducted mock interviews with many of the Lunch Bunch kids.



- Session 1

int 1  int 2  int 3

Margo Channin, a 12 year veteran of "Team Integrity" and a holder of a black belt in martial arts, thrilled the Lunch Bunch kids with interactive martial arts activities.

- Sessions 2 & 3

int 4   int 6   int 5



fun 1  fun 2  fun 3  fun 4  fun 5

1- Puzzles...

2- Mommy-go-round...

3- Dean Brodeur, Site Supervisor, plays "Elephon."

4- Samantha Hellyar, Assistant Site Supervisor, engages kids in a game of "Sorry."

5- Molly, a volunteer, helps with crafts.



Veggies, fruits, and "Smoothies" - Session 1

Kristen Chasse, RD (University of Connecticut - Allied Health Sciences Graduate Assistant for Community Nutrition Collaboration Project) engaged the Lunch Bunch kids in activities about the the 5 veggie and fruit groups - blue, purple, green, white, and orange. Kristen prepared a banana and orange juice "smoothie" for everyone to taste and distributed recipes and ideas about healthy eating to the kids and their parents. The Community Renewal Team, Inc. is the local sponsor of the federally funded Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). Funding for the meals comes from the US Department of Agriculture and is administered in Connecticut by the State Department of Education.  Funding for the nutrition activities is provided by  End Hunger CT!

 s1  s2  s3  s4

1- Taylor and Isaiah help Kristen to prepare the chart.

2-4 Kristen interacts with the kids as she asks questions about veggies and fruits.

s5    s6    s7

1-3 Kristen explains the process for create the "smoothies" and distributes the delicious samples.


Whole Grains and Surprise Trail Mix - Session 2

t 1  t2  t3 

1-3 Kristen explains the importance of whole grains and shows examples of foods containing these to the Lunch Bunch kids and their parents.

t4  t5

1- Kristen prepares the surprise trail mix containing pretzels, Cheerios, cranraisins, shredded coconut, and chocolate chips and explains the method for its creation.

2- "Yes!" says Kristen,"Everyone will receive sample of the trail mix."


Dairy Products and yogurt parfait- Session 3

1- Kristen explains the importance of dairy products.

2- Kristen creates a yogurt parfait using bananas, yogurt, and orange juice.

s 1  s 2  s 3


Getting lean with protein and making hummus- Session 4

1- Kristen uses a blend of protein packed items to create a hummus.

2- Lunch Bunchers and Samantha, Assistant Site Supervisor, watchas the hummus is prepared.

p 1  p 2


Physicality and "spiders" - Session 5

1&2- Kristen leads everyone in physical exercise activiies.

3- A Lunch Bunch kid creates a spider made of whole grainbread, jelly, raisins, and pretzels.

4- The finished product...

ph 2  ph 1  ph 3  ph 4


Visits from Weston and Hussen, Fidelco Guide Dog puppies

f 1  w 2  h1  h 4

1- Isaiah pets Weston, a year old puppy.

2- Linda Manning, Fidelco volunteer and family host, explains the role of a host and the importance of guide dogs.

3- Lunch Bunch kids greet Hussen, a 5 month old puppy.

4- Lina Manning reds stories about dogs to a group of Lunch Bunch kids.


"Back Pack Day"

On the final day of the summer outreach program, volunteers and staff in collaboration with Enfield Social Services distributed backpacks and supplies to 375 children.  Donations were received from all sectors of the community. 

bp 1  bp 2  bp 3

After the children ate their snacks and lunches, they and their parents obtained backpacks and supplies.

bp 4 bp 7  bp 5  bp 6


A Lunch Bunch "Thank You" Event

Following the distribution of the backpacks, a brief "Thank You" event was held to express appreciation to the sponsors, collaborators, contributors, and volunteers.  Each received a certificate of appreciation and a commemorative key chain.  Mayor Scott Kaupin and Town Councilwoman Cindy Mangini presented citations of recognition from the Town of Enfield and the Connecticut State Legislature to the Lunch Bunch staff.

2&3 - Guadalupe and Autumn thank everyone in Spanish.

4- Lunch Bunch kids agree about having another summer program next year.

ty 1   ty 2   ty 3   ty 4

Lunch Bunch 2011 Staff - "The Fab Six"

fab 6

(l. to r.) Dean Brodeur - Site Supervisor, Samantha Hellyar - Assistant Site Supervisor, Bonney Durocher - Site Director, Nannette Olschafesky - Assistant Site Director, Jennifer Montagna - Bay Path College intern, Renee Sawyer - Assistant Site Director

Lunch Bunch 2011 - One to remember, one to cherish...

c 4c 1c 3c 2

c5  c 6  c7  c 8


c9  THANK YOU!  c 10




Enfield Shop Rite's 1st Anniversary Benefits Our Families...

As a part of its 2-day anniversary celebration, the Miller family offered opportunities for their patrons to receive information about healthy eating, teamed with the Enfield Fire Department, and had many special activities for families.  The Miller familiy also encouraged their shoppers to donate food items and made information available about the needs of families in Enfield.

sr 1  sr 2

1- The Miller family stands atop the fire truck as a part of their celebration of the 1st anniversary of their Enfield store. Pictured (l. to r.) are Preston and Nolan Duffy, MaryBeth Duffy, Marion Miller, Emily Happy-Miller, Ray Miller, and Charles Miller.

2- Enfield firefighters assisted with the collection of food and displayed the apparatus.


Prudential Realty CT donates




Parent Leadership Academy "Class 6"

Community Service Project

pla 1

pla 2

Prudental Reality CT donates

Janet Spear (l.) and Deborah Warner (r.) of Prudential CT Reality  present a donation to Linda Bridge, Executive Director. The money was raised at a recent employee training session.

Parent Leadership Academy "Class 6" - Community Service Project

1- At its graduation ceremony, Parent Leadership Academy "Class 6" listens to Roger LeBlanc, President of the Board of Directors, as he explains the needs of families receiving food assistance and thanks and congratulates the graduates for their achievement and the implementation of the "Town Wide Tag Sale" class project.

2- Tessa Rivera, class member, presents a $520 donation, raised through the project, to President LeBlanc.

UNUM Insurance employees to volunteer at Lunch Bunch 2011

unum 4  unum 1 

(1) Libby Richardson - Community Engagement Manager and David Taylor - Donor Relations Manager for United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut arranged for the meeting with the UNUM employees.

(2) Bonney Durocher, Lunch Bunch Site Director, explained details about the program.  To her right, Erica Basile, UNUM Community Relations Director, and employees listen to Bonney's presentation.

unum 2   unum 3   unum 5

UNUM employees will be assisting with the supervision of activities during the Tuesday sessions at Lunch Bunch 2011.

JFK helps Enfield Charities



St. Joseph College SNAP ED

st j college


JFK's Student Council members jumped off the month of April with their annual Penny Wars competition. Throughout the entire month, donations illustrated the kind hearts of JFK's students and staff. The Penny Wars fundraiser combined to donate a total of $1594.71 to Enfield's Loaves and Fishes, Enfield Food Shelf, and The Little Sisters of the Poor.

(above l to r) Chris Scioscio, Priscilla Brayson and Murray Brayson- Loaves and Fishes, Chris, Hannah, Sister Gabrielle- Little Sisters of the Poor,, Trina , Linda Bridge- Enfield Food Shelf, Sister Jane- Little Sisters of the Poor, and Kim Jackle.

St. Joseph College student interns presented ideas about healthy eating and offered samples.  (above l. to r.)  Brooke, Teresa Martin Dotson - SNAP-ED Nutrition Program Coordinator, Jennifer Davis and Tasha Ramos prepare the informational material and tasty samples.

20th Annual Spring Splash

spring splash 1

splash 2   splash 3

Megan's Special Birthday Gifts




20th Annual Spring Splash - Mike Dynia, event organizer, presents a $500 donation and 100 pounds of donated food items, raised at the annual kayak race.

Megan's Special Birthday Gifts - Megan (center) delivers 116 pounds of donated items received as special gift to celebrate her 9th birthdays.  Brother Troy (left) plans to do same for his next birthday.

Lego "Ninjago" on the Town Green

The Lego Corporation presented a "Ninjago" display on the Enfield Town Green and collected food donations for us.  Children and their parents viewed the exhibits, saw a film about the lego projects, and had an opportunity to play the game.  217 pounds of food was donated at the event. 

lego 1 lego 2 lego 3lego 5


lego 6lego 4lego 7lego 8


lego 9  lego 11

1- Manny and Vivienne, Lego employees, push a cart filled with some of the 250 pounds donated food items.

2- Linda Bridge- Executive Director  accepts the donations from Manny, Vivienne, Jermaine, Julie, Sarah.


Thank you Kathy and Nick!

8th Annual Maine Fish Market Charity Golf Tournament

mf 1 mf 2

(above l. to r.) Kathy and Nick Vamvilis welcome a golfer to the tournament.  We extend our thanks and appreciation to Kathy and Nick, the Vamvilis family, the staff of Maine Fish Market, the sponsors and donors, the many individuals who helped, Hampden Country Club, and the golfers for making this another successful event to benefit our food bank as we provide food assistance to Enfield families in need.

fs 3  fs 4  fs 5  fs 6

(photos above)

1- The "Food Shelf Fore!" volunteer team arrives with high hopes.

2- Kathy Vamvilis (r.) and a volunteer greet the golfers.

3- Nick Vamvilis directs golfers to the registration area and luncheon.

4- Volunteers and Maine Fish Market employees staff the registration area.

fs 7  fs 8  fs 9  fs 10

(photos above)

1- The cooks prepare the burgers and hot dogs.

2- The golfers enjoy lunch before their rounds of golf.

3- The golfers prepare for the start of play.

4- Nick Vamvilis (2nd r.) greets the Food Shelf team - Bill Kweder, Ray Almovodar, Evans Farrell, and Roger LeBlanc.  The team returned safely after posting a score of +3.


National Association of Letter Carriers'

"Stamp Out Hunger" Food Drive

On Saturday May 14th, Enfield letter carriers collected donations and delivered 15,300 pounds to drop-off locations and the Food Shelf.  A contingent of volunteers collected the donations at the drop-off locations and brought these to our food bank where many others unloaded the items, checked each, weighed and sorted, and stored the non-perishable items for distribution to our families. 

pd 2pd 1pd 4pd 3

pd 5pd 6pd 7pd 8

pd 10pd 9pd 11pd 12

pd 14pd 16pd 13

(row 1) 1- A letter carrier collects donated items.  2- Dan Nacin, Director of Education for the NALC, and letter carrier Lou unload donations.  3- Diane Loveday, Kim Bridge, Bill, and Jackie check and sort donated items.  Diane also provided hot dogs and snacks for the volunteers.  4-  Barbara Costas unloads a cart as Lacey stores one of many paper bags and Jackie sorts and packs boxes.

(row 2)  1- Maryann Abar and Lorrie Valle collect items at a drop-off location.  2- Rachel helps her aunt, Linda Goguen, at the Hazardville Fire Department drop-off.  3-  Volunteers prepare more non-perishable items for storage.

(row 3)  1-2  Linda Bridge, Executive Director, thanks a letter carrier as volunteers unload his truck.  3- Linda Bridge and Dick Fournier place donations in carts.  4-  Dan Nacin wears a shirt with the NACL logo and motto.

(row 4)  1-2  Volunteers work tirelessly to complete their tasks.  3-  A letter carrier completes his delivery to Al Depolt, who manned the Raffia Shopping Center drop-off site.

The Board of Directors and Linda Bridge, Executive Director, extend our deepest appreciation to Dan Nacin, the Enfield Letter carriers and the U. S. Postal Service, the volunteers, and the Enfield donors for their outstanding effort.  The 15,800 pounds of donated items, equivalent to 7.9 tons, will provide critically needed food items for our families. 

Diapers, diapers, 5000 of them...

diapers 1

diaper 4


diaper 2

diaper 3

Katy Lee, Children's Ministry Director at Calvary Presbyterian Church, supervised a diaper drive in collaboration with Enfield Social Services.  Legacy, Audrey, Jason, and Tristen and a group of children collected, sorted, and delivered the 412 pounds of diapers to our food bank.  These will be invaluable to our families.

Donation from the Employees of Savings Institute Bank and Trust

ssi donation

Ed Palomba, manger of Enfield's Savings Institute Bank and Trust, presents a $100 donation from the bank employees' "Caring and Giving Campaign" to Linda Bridge.


Bagels, cheese, and wipes...

Stephanie and and Scott help twin sons, Evan and Reese, separate bagels and cheese while teen volunteers Dove and Wednesday separate the baby wipes and place them in individual packages.


mom and son dad and son april wednesday


"That's My Bank!"


Richard O. Cheney - Assistant Vice-President, Branch Manager and Northern Hub Operations Manager - for Rockville Bank presents a $1000 donation to Linda Bridge, Executive Director.


A Visit from Peter Cottontail and Friends...

baskets eggs easter stuff peter

On the Wednesday and Thursday before Easter, 413 families shopped for holiday foods and goodies. Available for selection to the families were hams or chickens, eggs, milk, butter, ice cream cakes, and regular food items.  In addition to the grocery items, Easter baskets, colored eggs, and stuffed animals were given. Also, parishioners from the Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer offered toiletries and blankets, and Foodshare Outreach volunteers processed SNAP (food stamps) applications for interested families.  Many volunteers contributed to making the holiday shopping a festive event.

easter 1 easter 2 easter 3 easter 4 easter 5

easter 6 easter 6 easter 8 easter 8 easter 10

(row 1 above)

1- Barbara (foreground), Lacey, and Debbie sort food items.  2- Gabe and Wednesday separate drinks. 3- Debbie unpacks the juice drinks.  4- Lou prepares the cardboard for recycling.  5- Jo and Lacey are ready to distribute ice cream cakes, creamers, and bread.

(row 2 above)

1- Walter explains the "bunny hop" method to Freda as they wait to bag groceries at the check-out table.  2- Elizabeth and Kelly are ready to help families select their meats.  3- Ernie, Ray, and Paz are ready to help at the check-out area.  Diane is ready to assist with SNAP applications.  5- Jenn, Kaitlin, and Dean fill bags with groceries for a family.

Lenten Sacrifices - St. Martha School

During the Lenten season, members of the St. Martha Student Council made sacrifices to help the less fortunate in our community.  The students presented the gifts to Linda Bridge - Enfield Food Shelf and Priscilla Brayson - Loaves and Fishes.

st m lenten

Pictured above are (back row) Linda Bridge, Jean Bodman - grade 7 teacher and Student Council Moderator, Madeline, Maria, Olivia - Student Council President, , Angela, Priscilla Brayson, and (front row) Mary, Bridget, Natasha, Ethan, and Enrique.

St. Martha CCD Students - Easter Donations

st m 1 st m 2 st m 3 st m 4

Under the direction of CCD Director Brian Lemay, students conducted an Easter food drive and collected 183 pounds in donations.

1- Students carry boxes with food donations.  2- Andrew and Alli load the boxes.  3- Adam and Jordan fill the trunk with boxes.  4- Donated items rest on the scale at the Food Shelf.

A Lodge, a Post, and Twins...

$200 - Moose Lodge

moose lodge

Martin McCarthy and Bill Cutter present the donation to Linda Bridge.

$500 - American Legion Post #80

tanguay mcgill

Linda Bridge accepts the donation from Bob Driscoll and Ben Barksdale.

371 lbs. Evan and Reese

evan and reese

Evan and Reese, 6 year old twins,

asked for food donations instead of gifts for their recent birthday party.

Spring cleaning...

ray 1  ray 2

Volunteers Ray Almovodar and Peter Reno(not pictured) washed, waxed, and sealed the floor of the distribution room on a recent Saturday morning.

Volunteer Appreciation Banquet

A thank you to our volunteers, sponsors, supporters, and and 2011 VIP Award recipients

b 1  b2  b 3  b 4

Roger LeBlanc, volunteer and Board President, welcomed everyone.  Councilwoman Cindy Mangini and Mayor Scott Kaupin presented a town citation recognizing Linda Bridge, the volunteers, the sponsors, and the supporters for their outstanding contributions.  Gerry Wilson, former President, traveled from Pennsylvania to share another story.  The group viewed a PowerPoint presentation about their accomplishments in 2010.

b 6  b5  b7


2011 VIP Award Recipients

The Board of Directors presented eight "VIP" (very important person/people) Awards to recognize outstanding contributions and support for our mission "to assure that no Enfield family goes hungry to due a lack of resources."


Pastor Michael Coons and the parishioners of the Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer for their monthly distribution of assorted toiletries

b 9  b 10

Emily Happy-Miller, Miller Farms Family Markets, Charles and Ray Miller and family, and the employees of Shop Rite- Enfield for sponsoring "Help Bag Hunger," giving a $2700 grant to purchase food, donations of food and arranging for a donation area at the store, and volunteering during our distribution days 

Richard Kozikowski, manager of Stop & Shop, and the employees of Stop & Shop- Enfield for their sponsorship of "Fill the Fire Truck," "Food for Friends" which raised $12,300, and arranging for a donation area at the store

b 14

Attorney Joseph E. Fallon for his continued support for our mission and for the pro bono legal assistance given to us

 b 11  b12

Edward Richards, Chief Marshall of the Enfield Fire Department, for "A Day of Caring and Compassion" and "Fill the Fire Truck," the Shaker Pines firefighters for "Terror in the Pines,"and the Enfield firefighters for their continued collection of donations at the town fire stations and delivering them to our facility

Carl Sferrazza, Chief of Police, for arranging visits to Lunch Bunch 2010 by Rocky (Rockcat mascot), Promise (the police dog), and policeman to talk about bike safety, and the policeman for the assistance given to our families and us

 b15  b16

Jean Magnificent-Van Fossan for her many years of donations of thousands of pounds of food for cats and the creation of special holiday baskets with her son and daughter.

Peter Reno for being our "Mr. Fix-it" as he makes repairs and renovations and our "Mr. On-call" as he collects donations, completes errands, and checks our building


... Spring is in the air ...

Members of the Bay Path College Rotaract Club decorated for the spring season. (photos l. to r.) Paz prepares the window.  Alana creates a flower.  Amanda finishes the rainbow.  Krista places the leaves on the tree.

bp 1  bp2  bp 3  bp 4

bp 5

Brittney, Zuly, Alana, Amanda, Lillian, Paz, and Krista


Client Survey Validates Our Servicesc and r

Ranjeeta Nayar (left) and Carolyn Faille, Bay Path College students, present the findings of their client interview survey, administered as a part of their course work for Professor Tamara Blake-Owens.  The students are participants in our "Community Partnership" with the college.                                                                                                                                                           

The survey is the third requested of our families and the first since we initiated the "client choice shopping model."  110 individuals, 25% of the people who sought our assistance during two shopping days and the re-qualification sessions, were asked to rate 9 categories from 1- poor  to 5- excellent.  The categories included:  cleanliness of the facility, registration time, registration process, helpfulness of the volunteers, shopping hours, amount of food received, variety of foods, choice shopping model, and holiday foods.  Those interviewed were asked for comments.  Some of the comments were "Like shopping at a store" and "Everything is great!"  About Linda Bridge, Executive Director , people said "A1" and "She will do her best to help you.  Members of the Board of Directors and volunteers attended the presentation.  A comparison of the 2007, 2008, and 2011 appears below. 




...The Birthday Ladies...

bday 1   bday 2

Volunteers celebrated the birthdays of two of our most beloved and dedicated volunteers, Barbara Costas and Freda Adams.  Both women have been volunteering for more than 25 years at the Food Shelf, and they are models for all of us.


"Top 'o the mornin' to ye! " from the Employees of C&S Wholesale Grocers

The employees and management of C&S Wholesale Grocers have been very supportive of our mission.  Employees volunteer during our distribution hours , and they voted to award us a $1000 mini-grant to support Lunch Bunch 2011, the summer free lunch program for which we serve as the site host.  Below, the employees celebrated St. Patrick's Day by helping our families.


cswg 1



cswg 2

(photos above)

1- Mark Weller, Day Shift Supervisor, presents a $1000 mini-grant award to Executive Director Linda K. Bridge.

2- Company volunteers prepare to help our families.  Pictured left to right are Dave Dealba,  Al St. Peter, Bryan Verrengia, Steve Watson, Roger Parent, Jimmy Stuart, and Melissa Cornliuson-Barnes.


cswg 2     cswg 3      cswg 4


(photo above)

1- Volunteer Debbie explains the procedures for client choice shopping to Al St .Peter.

2- Bryan Verrengia prepares the breads for our families.

3- Dave Dealba,  Al St. Peter, Steve Watson supervise the meat distribution area.


"Penny Drive" at Harriet Beecher Stowe School

The Harriet Beecher Stowe PTO conducted a "Penny Drive" with the enthusiastic support of the students.

HB 1    hb 2    hb 3

(photos l. to r.)

1- Six graders Regina and Thomas present a $143.30 donation to Executive Director Linda K. Bridge.

2-3 Linda Bridge and volunteer Dave Steinmann visited Mrs, Pomeroy's kindergarten class to help the children count the pennies in groups of 100 and place them in paper rolls.  In all, the children donated $28 to the drive. 


Stop & Shop's "Food for Friends" - $12,300

s and s

Richard Kozikowski, store manager, presents a $12,300 donation to to Linda Bridge, Executive Director.  The donation resulted from the "Food for Friends" campaign conducted by the management and the employees at the Enfield store.  Pictured (l. to r.) are Marty Michonoki, Arlene Eleeck, Kozikowski, Bridge, Sonia Rodriquez, and Loretta Schweitzer. 


"How do you rate our food bank ?"

As a service learning project for instructor Tamara Blake-Owens, Bay Path College students Carolyn Faille and Ranjeeta Nayar collaborated with Roger LeBlanc to prepare and adminster a survey to our households about our services.  The students and volunteers conducted interviews with our households during re-qualification and food distribution days.  Households were asked to rate 9 items and offer comments.  This is our third survey, and the first since we began the client choice shopping method.  The students will tabulate results, determine ratings, collate comments, and present the results for our Board of Directors to review.   






Nicki, a volunteer


"Erin go Food Shelf"

Members of the Bay Path College "Rotaract Club" decorated our facilityfor St. Patrick's Day.

BP 1 BP 2 BP3 BP4

(photos above)

1- Amanda and Shea prepare the pot of gold.

2- Craig completes the Irish flag.

3- 4 Alana, Stephanie, and Paz assemble the 4-leaf clovers.

BP5  Bp 6

The Rotaract members sit beneath the rainbow.


"Basic Finance Management" / Freshplace / Bay Path College Honor Society



bp honor

"Basic Finance Management" - Roseanne Plagenza, representative for Network Against Domestic Abuse,offered information about managing finances to our families.

Freshplace - (l. to r.) Bonney Durocher, Roger LeBlanc, Karen Jarmoc - Chair of the Advisory Board to United Way of Central and Northeastern CT Board, and Joel Cox - Director of Enfield Neighborhood Services- visited Freshplace, an innovative food bank in Hartford, CT.  They toured the facility and met with Alison Keller - Senior Manager for Community Investments for United Wayof Central and Northeastern CT , Susan Dunn, CEO - United Way of Central and Northeastern CT, Jonathan Mitchell - Freshplace Project Manager, and Maryellen Shuckerow - Chrysalis Center Chief Developmental Officer, to learn about the services provided to families at the food bank and the center.

Bay Path College Honor Society - Puja (foreground) and Tarah, members of the Honor Society, assisted during our food distribution afternoon.

Appreciation from Voices for Thompsonville

 VFT 1  vft 2

Carrie Marek, Chair of Voices for Thompsonville, presented certificates of appreciation to Linda Bridge (l. photo 1) and Cathy Kriss, Food Shelf volunteer and VFT member(l. photo 2), for their contributions to the Enfield Fire Victims' benefit spaghetti dinner and the establishment of fund by the Food Shelf to assist the families.

Serving the Community - Junior Girl Scout Troop #10721

gs troup

Troup #10721 members, all 9 year old girls led by Elizabeth Mazza, collected 3 grocery carts filled with 438 pounds of food donations and received $169 at our local Stop & Shop.  The project is part o f "Feed Enfield," a community service plan sponsored by the Enfield Girl Scout Council.  To date, troup members have collected 758 pounds of food.  (above left to right)  Hannah, Emma, Kelly, Cadie, Megan, Liz Mazza (leader), and Rebecca, 

Community Healthcare Center, Inc.

chr 1 

chr 2


- Be fit!  Live well! -

henf 1

henf 2henf 3

Community Healthcare Center, Inc.

Jaime Tyler (above) and Shana Peruti, CHC representatives, provided information about public health insurance to our families and assisted with the completion of applications.


Healthy ENFIELD - Be fit!  Live well! -

Initiative facilitators Stan Schapiro - Division Director Adult Services, Community Health Resources, and Pam Brown - Director of Enfield Social Services, led a recent organizational meeting of the committee.  The primary goal of the project is "working together to Improve health, fitness and the well -being of all of our citizens."  Healthy ENFIELD will coordinate and support initiatives that lead to better physical and emotional well-being for all members of the Enfield community.  We will participate in this initiative because it will be beneficial for our families and the greater community.


shop rite 1  Lending a helping hand...

ShopRite of Enfield- Miller Farms Family Markets, continues to lend a helping in order to assist families needing food assistance. Emily Happy Miller, Community Relations Director, arranged for employee visits each month and volunteers with the store employees during our family shopping hours. In addition, Emily and the employees have initiated a plan to encourage customers to donate food items and increase awareness about Enfield families in need of food assistance. Pictured below are Holly Petronella, Jo Johanns, and Donna Warren standing beside the donation cart. Additionally, the store donates bakery and grocery products weekly to be distributed to our families.

  shop rite 2    shop rite 3


>>> Fund for Enfield Fire Victims <<<

Thank You!   Thank You!   Thank You!

tville fire   fire fund

Kelly Hemmler, member of Voices for Thompsonville, explains the fund raising event the organization sponsored to benefit the victims of the recent fire and thanks the community and the sponsors for their generosity at a recent Town Council meeting.  The benefit spaghetti dinner raised $4071 for the fund.  Pictured above are Wendy Lavoie, Voices for Thompsonville member, Hemmler, Mayor Scott Kaupin, Carrie Marek, chair of Voices for Thompsonville, Linda Bridge, Executive Director of the Enfield Food Shelf, and Pam Brown, Director of Enfield Social Services.  Linda Bridge accepted the donation, which will be deposited into the fund established by our food bank, and she also thanked the community for its charity.  To date, $11,562 has been received, and additional donations are expected.  Pam Brown, Director of Social Services, will distribute funds to the victims.          

C&S Wholesale Grocers  

Employees of C&S Wholesale Grocers volunteered at our facility on a Saturday.

csg logo


csg 1

The group smiles after accomplishing its mission.

csg 3  csg 4

csg 4

csg 6  csg 2


(photos r. panel)

1- Carlos Liera dusts and cleans the ceiling in the preparation room.

2- Mark and Roger stock the shelves.

3- Melissa C. Barnes sanitizes a food cart.

4- Mark completes the finishing touches inside the freezer.

5- Bryan Verrengia mops the floor in the main room.


Bay Path College's Rotaract Club Cupids...

Members of the Bay Path College Rotaract Club, advised by Dr. Chery Leary and sponsored by the Enfield Rotary Club, decorated our facility for Valentine's Day as a part of their year-long community service project.

bp 7  bp 9  bp 8

(Photos above)

1-  Leanne creates a slogan.

2- The group stands in front of the holiday greeting.

3- An image of the Eiffel Tower greets our families.

bp 1 bp 2 bp 3 bp 6

(photos above)

1- Zuly, Alaina, and Paz prepare the decorative hearts.

2-3 Billy, Craig, and Stephanie create the hearts.

4- Brittney and Paz fill the hearts with holiday colors.


Eli Whitney School (Enfield) Student Council

Student members of the Eli Whitney School (Enfield, CT) Student Council and Ms. Linda Deliseo, advisor, volunteered to weigh, sort, box, and store hundreds of pounds of donated foods

st b 1 st b 2 

st b 4  st b 3  st b 5


"Community Partnership" with Bay Path College

We have established a "Community Partnership" with the Psychology Program at Bay Path College (Longmeadow, MA).  Working with Kathryn Wiezbicki-Stevens, Ed.D., Chair of the Psychology Department and a Cooperative Education Faculty Advisor, undergraduate and graduate students will assist throughout the year with various projects.  This partnership will afford the college students an opportunity to participate in "cooperative educational experiences, internships, and service-learning projects" as a supplement for their course work.  The students will complete a variety of tasks including updating information and teaching volunteers methods for doing so, developing a volunteer handbook, researching pertinent topics, assisting at our facility, and providing help to our sister agencies (Enfield Social Services, Neighborhood Services, Enfield Healthy Community Collaborative.)  This partnership will create valuable experiences for the students and will contribute greatly to making our  food bank mission more effective and efficient.   


bay path logo

holly bill   holly linda

holly 3   holly 4

(photo 1) Holly Sander, student intern, reviews details about updating donor lists with Bill Kweder, Board member and chair of our Feinsten Challenge 2011 campaign.

(photo 2)  Holly meets with Linda Bridge, Executive Director, and they discuss updating volunteer lists and creating community service data bases and verification of service templates.

(photo 3) Holly explains procedures for updating the donor list Linda Goguen (l.) and Kathleen Souvigney (r), volunteers who will assume responsibility for this task.  Holly entered more than 1000 donors and prepared the list for us.

(photo 4)  Rosalynn Santacroce (l.) and Holly discuss their collaboration in the creation of a volunteer handbook.


           "Community Service Club" - Enfield Youth Service                                Network against Domestic Abuse                         


 y services 2 y services 2



"Community Service Club" - Enfield Youth Services: Club members and their advisor volunteered during a Thursday afternoon.

1- Aime (left), a Food shelf volunteer, receives assistance at the check-out area from Shelby(center), a member of the "Community Service Club", and Beth Schoenrock (right), club advisor and Enfield Youth Services staff member.

2- "Community Service Club" members Monika (left) and Amanda break down and stack cardboard for recycling.


Network against Domestic Abuse: Representatives share information about the program with families.

Rachel Walsh (left), Familiy Violence Victim Advocate at Rockville Court, and Roseanne Plagenza, Adult Advocate, explained service offerings and distributed informational pamphlets.

sands 1 Thanks its employees.. sands 2

Stop & Shop’s 21st annual “Food for Friends” program was conducted in all 398 Stop & Shop stores from October 29th through December 10th. Customers donated $1, $3, or $5 “paper turkeys” at their local Stop & Shop. Customer contributions accounted for 90% of the $2 million; Stop & Shop contributed $500 per store.  Sixty percent of the funds will go directly to hundreds of local food pantries that stores adopted in each community, and 49% will be allocated to state food banks.  In our region, $92,320 was raised for Foodshare, Inc. and $20,126, the highest total in the region, was collected at Enfield’s Stop&Shop to benefit our food bank.

A Store Manager's Appreciation

sands3  sands 4

(photos l. to r.)

1-  Richard Kozikowski (center), manager of Enfield's Stop&Shop, hosted an appreciation luncheon to thank his employees for their spirited participation in "Food for Friends."  Linda Bridge (3rd from l.), Enfield Food Shelf Executive Director, conveyed our appreciation to Mr. Kosikowski and his staff.

2- Store employees enjoy the luncheon.











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