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Welcome to the 2012 Photo Review

The photos are a testimony about the scope of charitable contributions from our volunteers and community.

(in reverse chronological order)


...The Spirit of the Season...

xmas vol tues    xmas vol wed

On the Wednesday and Thursday during the week before Christmas, Santa's elf volunteers assisted with food distribution to our families.  Many special items were available including milk, presents, and a special raffle.  All of this was made possible through local and regional community donations.

xmas 1

1- State Senator John Kissel assists at a check-out table with Cassidy and Riley.

2- Special wooden toys, made by Stu Hosley, were available.

3- Volunteers fromC&S Wholesale Grocers (Suffield, CT) volunteered.


...A COMCAST Christmas...

xmas 3

1- COMCAST employees adopted 2 of our families and fullfilled their Christmas wish lists.  Pictured are Michael Bushong - COMCAST Care Manager, Elizabeth Calabrese - Customer Account Executive, and Maureen - COMCAST representative.

2- A  mom stands with the wish list presents for her children.


...A Panera Christmas...

xmas 4

Panera Bread of Enfield sponsored its first Christmas adoption program with the Food Shelf and presented gifts for eight of our children.  (l. to r.) Presenting the gifts to Linda Bridge - Executive Director are Panera representaives Nicole Miro-Store Captain, Jennnifer Thibodeau- General Manager, and and Amanda daCunha- Marketing Coordinator..

...More Elves; More Donations...

xmas 2

1-2 The Esposito family (Tyler, Riley, Colby, John, and Janet) present checks totaling $700 to Linda Bridge.  This year, the family with relatives and friends decided to donate to a charity instead of buying presents.  Everyone placed the name of a charity in a hat, and the Enfield Food Shelf was selected as the charity recipient.

3- Members of the Shaker Pines Fire Department and Shaker Pines Lake Association sponsored their annual "Santa Run" and delivered 1,948 pounds of food, $67, and 52 raffle tickets for a drawing to be held in January.

4- Members of the Enrico Fermi High School Indoor Track Team deliver 305 pounds of food from their annual holiday drive.  Pictured are alumni Sam Bombardier, Coach Dan O'Connell, Tim, Katie ,and Anthony.

...Filling the Food Shelf Stockings...

Many groups and businesses contributed non-perishable food items and monetary donations and assisted with the preparation for the holiday distribution.

                                                        gs 1      bsc 1         

...Fill, fill, fill...

            br1      tr 108     rb bank

...Give, give, give...

            carris       g rome     cy

And they did!

- Row 1:  Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Daisy Troop

- Row 2: Brownie Troop, Cub Scout Troop, and Rockville Bank

- Row 3: Carris Reels, Gary Rome Kia, and Willard-Cybulski Correctional Institiution


...Accepting Rachel's Challenge...

"Rachel’s Challenge" exists to equip and inspire individuals to replace acts of violence, bullying, and  negativity with acts of respect, kindness, and compassion.  "Rachel’s Challenge" is based on the life and writings of Rachel Scott, who was the first victim of the Columbine school tragedy in 1999.  Through her example, "Rachel’s Challenge" is making a positive impact in the lives of millions of people every year.

"Friends of Rachel" clubs at Enfield High School, Enrico Fermi High School, and John F. Kennedy Middle School are implementing the ideas expressed in Rachel's challenges.

Enrico High School students and faculty members assisted with the breaking down of cardboard, sorting foods, stocking shelves, and cleaning our facility.   All of the schools participated in a week of random acts of kindness activities concluding with a combined school holiday dance.  Cash and food donations will be given to Loaves and Fishes, Little Sisters of the Poor, and us.

... Seasons Greetings from Bay Path College's Rotaract Club ...

Cheerful holidays greetings welcome our families as they arrive.

rotaract 3  rotaract 1  rotaract 2

1- Alayna Westeem, an RA  at Bay Path College, delivers food donations collected in Wright Hall - 2 East Floor.

2- The holiday greetings...

3- Members of the Rotaract Club sit in front of their window decoration.


...All sectors of the community respond...

During the weeks prior to Thanksgiving, groups from all sectors of the community responded to the need for turkeys and the trimmings.  We received 1008 turkeys and thousands in cash and food donations.  On the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving, hundreds of volunteers assisted with the distribution to 552 families.

moday Tuesday

Volunteers are ready to assist families.

peter  c and s  dasve and sue  gloria

1- Peter Reno loads turkeys into the freezer truck.

2- C&S Wholesale Grocer employee volunteers receive instructions about their roles.

3- David Steinmann and Sue Ishler remove stock from boxes and fill the shelves.

4- Gloria Tenerowicz and Linda Bridge greet Congressman Courtney prior to his assisting at the check-out area.



1- Stop & Shop Store manager, John LaFlamme presents a check for $1,035.60 to Linda Bridge, Executive Director.  The donation was raised through Stop & Shop's "Food For Friends" program.

2- Nick Vamvilis, owner of Maine Fish Market and a longtime supporter of our food bank, stands at the entrance to the freezer truck after loading 30 donated turkeys.

3- Brian Phillips, member of the Knights of Columbus Council #50 unloads some of the 288 turkeys donated by the group.

4- CT Transit of Hartford supported our Thanksgiving drive and collected 644 pounds of food.

5- Phil Clements of Aiello Home Services, delivers a truck filled with food and turkeys collected during a company food drive.


Panera Bread of Enfield hosted an event to collect food items and turkeys as a part of its commitment to community involvement.  This event also increased the public's awareness about the food insecurity challenges confronting Enfield families. 

(row 1)

1- Amanda daCunha - Marketing Coordinator at Howley Bread Group, Nicole Miro- " Living Consciously Captain" at Panera's of Enfield, Linda Bridge - EFS Execitive Director, Jamie Kelii - baker at Panera's, and Phuong-Ly Dang - Catering Coordinator at Panera's display some of the donated turkeys.

2- Jamie Kelii - baker at Panera of Enfield, Linda Bridge, Kathy Souvigney - EFS Board Secretary, Amanda daCunha - Marketing Coordinator at Howley Bread Group prepare to welcome customers.

(row 2)

1- Brian Gibson, Amanda daCunha, and Maria and Tom daCunha (Amanda's parents) enjoy some of Panera's finest sandwiches.

2- Lindsie Lavin- Manager at Panera's of Enfield and Linda Bridge join Bruce Newbury,  host of the "Dining Out with Bruce Newbury Radio Show," in a live broadcast.

...The Spirit of Giving...

r m 1  r m 2  ERfC  r oil

1-2 Charles Miller, Director of Community Relations at Shop Rite of Enfield, delivers hundreds of turkeys received from customers as a part of the store's Thanksgiving campaign.

3- Amanda Mendez (l) and Larry Dube (r), staff members at Educational Resources for Children, present a dozen turkeys to Linda Bridge, Executive Director. 

4- Employees of Rich's Oil pause after delivering turkeys donated during the company's drive.

reds   st m 2   st m 1

1- Members of the Enfield Reds give a "thumbs up" after delivering turkeys and helping to stock shelves.

2- Members of the John K. Kennedy Middle School Student Council donate 36 turkeys, 439 pounds of food and $200, raised during the school's campaign.  Pictured are: (row 4) Mason, Chaz , Johnny, Lydi;, (row 3) Gavin, Greg; (row 2) Nick, Daniel;  (row 1) Bonnie Ares, Kyllie Freeman, Kim Nadeau (faculty members), Kim, and Chris Scioscio (facu;ty member).

3- An SUV filled with hundreds of pounds of donations collected by the St. Martha School Student Council is ready for delivery to 96 Alden Avenue.

collage with tim

(row 1)

1- With direction from Sister Carol, students at The Montessori School collected $20, 12 turkeys, 150 pounds of produce and 114 pounds of food. Students Billy, Willow, and Hollis assisted with the delivery of the donations.

2- B&M Podcast members Jereny Hutsell, Jonathan Francia, Bryon Kozaczka, and Marc Warworak (missing from picture) issued a web site challenge and received 6 turkeys.

(row 2)

1- A  representative of 360 Federal Credit Union delivers food donations received from employees and customers.

2- Stephanie Bourassa from the Hartford Hospital Rehabilitation Network receives thanks from volunteer Tim Neville for the donation of 46 pounds of food.

3- TheEnfield High School Thespian Troupe # 5842, conducted a "Trick of Treat So Kids Can Eat" food and fundraiser under the direction of J.C. Senior.  The troupe collected 3,505 pounds of food.  Pictured are : Director Senior, Connor Sutphin, Linda Bridge, Co-Chair Cassandra Carroll, and Sam Delong, who collected the largest individual donation of 452 pounds.

4- Phyllis Phelan, Director of Here Wee Grow Nursery School at the Hazardville United Methodist Church, delivers 75 birthday bags created by the children.

... A Neighbor Helping His Neighbors ...

Craig Stanek, owner of OnPoint Connections, teamed with Andrew Hayes & Sons to sponsor a "Fill the Race Car with Food" event just before Thanksgiving.

  OP 1  OP 2  OP 3

1- Andrew Hayes & Son (owners of the car), Craig Stanek, and Linda Bridge stand next to the racing car.

2- Craig Stanek instructs Linda before she "revs up" the engine.

3- Linda shifts into gear and prepares to drive next door to deliver the 78+ pounds of donated food.

... More Giving Thanks ...


1- Rich Tkacz, owner of Rich's Oil, presents a $500 donation to Linda Bridge, Executive Director.

2- Lorna Merrill, representative for the Eppendorf, gives a $1,000 company donation.

3- Stu Hosley's annual "Feed the Pig Campaign," conducted at Jiggy's Bar, raised $1,008, and Stu matched this with a personal $1,514 contribution.  Stu's annual campaign has raised $11,853 (2008-2012).

4- Gary Raffia's gives $5,000, raised through his annual "Can for Kids" project at the Raffia Road Service Center.

... A Congressman and a State Senator ...

joe and john

1-2 Congressman Joe Courtney unloads a turkey from the freezer truck and prepares it for distribution.

3-4 State Senator John Kissel assists with the packing of groceries at the check-out table.

... An educational leader and his students ...


1-2 Tim Neville, Chairperson of the Enfield Board of Education, helps to unload turkeys and distributes the them with Ray Almovidar, a volunteer.

3- Liam, an Enfield High School senior, sorts and packs donated food items.

4- Sydney, John, and Miranda, students John K. Kennedy Middle School, display a $300 donation, raised at the 6th annual "Turkey Trot."  200 students and staff participated in the event.

... A community responds...


1- Emilia Sales, a volunteer from MassMutual, teams with student volunteer Amy at the check-out table.

2- Volunteer Stephen Merrifield of MassMutual helps with the distribution of orange juice.

3- Rich Tanguay unloads turkey donations.

4- Al Depolt distributes eggs and tags for a turkey.

... A family giving thanks ...

linda kim

1- Linda Bridge and granddaughter Riley welcome State Senator John Kissel and explain the volunteer procedures at the check-out table.

2- Kim Bridge, Riley's mom and Linda's daughter-in-law, assists with the packing of groceries.

linda's family

1- Dylan, Linda's grandson, and Aunt Sharon Arcouette (Linda's sister) take a break from stocking shelves.

2- Puppy, Linda's dog, provides additional security and encouragement.

3- Tim Arcouette. Linda's brother-in-law, helps Justin and Andrew fill the shelves.


... "Terror on Sun Street" ...

The Thibodeau and LaRocque families created Halloween displays at their homes on Sun Street.  They invited residents to view the displays and encouraged everyone to donate food items.  The event received 600 pounds of food donations.

terror 7  terror 6

terror 2  terror 3  terror 4  terror 5

(row 1)

1- Devin, Al, and Laurie Thibideau," the "Founders of Fright," and Joanne and Guy LaRocque stand with Linda Bridge, Executive Director,

2- The families unload the food donations.

(row 2)

1-4 The Halloween displays on Sun Street.

C&S Wholesale Grocers Volunteers

c and s

Nathan Hale Fills the Boat

n hale

Bearingstar Donations


C&S Wholesale Grocers Volunteers

Employee volunteers from C&S Wholesale Grocers (Suffield, CT) cleaned, painted, sorted and stored food donations, and stocked shelves.  Pictured from left to right are Beverly Percoski, Julie Ek, Melissa Corneliiuson-Barnes, Amanda Barton, Mark & Debbie Gordon, and kneeling are Julianna Corneliuson-Barnes and Monica Leang.

Nathan Hale School Fills the Boat

Students, administrators, faculty, and support staff of the Nathan Hale School (Enfield, CT) participated in a "Fill the Boat" food drive and collected 485 pounds of non-perishable food items

Bearingstar Insurance Company Donations

Jennifer Casalone (l.), a representative of Bearingstar Insurance Company (Enfield, CT) presents a $500 donation and 27 lbs. of toiletries to Linda Bridge, Executive Director.

... A Lunch Bunch 2012 Thank You Affair ...

The Board of Directors hosted a thank you affair at St. Patrick's parish hall, site of the Lunch Bunch summer project.  Guests included sponsors, contributors, collaborating team members, volunteers, project staff, and Lunch Bunch kid volunteer mentors.  The group enjoyed light refreshments of fruits, vegetables, humus spread, and apple juice.  Roger LeBlanc, volunteer liaison to the Lunch Bunch for the Board of Directors, welcomed the group, extended thanks for their support and contributions, reviewed the accomplishments of the project, detailed the demands at our food bank, and publicized the upcoming "Give Thanks with a Turkey" Thanksgiving drive.  Each attendee received a a certificate of thanks; the employees were recognized with certificates of appreciation from the Town of Enfield; and the mentors were honored for their assistance and volunteerism.

LB tyou

1- Lisa Lusardi, substitute employee and volunteer, and her dad Tom greeted guests and distributed certificates of thanks.

2- Natasha, a Lunch Bunch mentor volunteer, enjoyed a mischievous moment.

3- Mayor Scott Kaupin talked with Bonney Durocher (Co-Site Director), Wendy Peterson (Foodshae SNAP Outreach), Renee Sawyer (Co-Site Director), Dawn Crayco (Deputy Director for End Hunger Connectucut!), Trudy Fleck (Advisor to "The Lady Js" General Federation of Woman's Club of Enfield), and Amy Witbro (Enfield Public Schools).

4- Trisha Del Negro (Shop Rite of Enfield) shared thoughts about the project with Amanda Mendez (ERfC), Jack McCuin (Enfield Lions Club) and Terry McCuin, and Alice Riley (St. Patrick's parish volunteer).  In the background, Bill Kweder (Board member) and Kathy Wiezbicki-Stevens (Director of the Psychology Program at Bay Path College) discuss the statistical information about food assistance and the summer outreach project.


Berkshire Bank Food Drive

  bershire 1 berkshire 2

Shop Rite's "Help Bag Hunger"

  sr 1 sr 2

Berkshire Bank (Longmeadow, MA) Food Drive -  Caitlin Jenkins supervised a food drive and collected 67 pounds of donated items.

Shop Rite of Enfield's "Help Bag Hunger" - The Miller family conducted its annual drive at their store. 

1- Linda Bridge - Executive Director and Tom Arcouette - Operations Manager fill grocery bags and publicize the need for food assistance.

2- State Representative David Kiner and Enfield Rotary Club President Ed Palomba were among many dignitaries who lent a helping hand.

...Panera's of Enfield Supports Hunger Awareness Month...

Patrons were encouraged to donate a non-perishable food item to receive a mystery gift card.  The event received 206 pounds of donated items.  Panera's "Day-End Dough-Nation Program" donates its leftover breads and pastries to our food bank weekly.

panera 1

Amanda daCunha -Marketing Manager, Nicole Miro- employee responsible for maintaining food-packaging guidelines for the "Day-End" program, and Wendy Kopp- Marketing Representative (4th r.) stand with Linda Bridge at the food donation area.

..."Lose for Good" and "Full Moon Paddle"...

wwatchers scantic river

"Lose for Good" - Weight Watchers of Enfield conducted a food drive at its facility and collected 845 pounds of food.  Pictured are Karla Ebrahimzadeh, Cathy Richards, Gail Walk, Susan Tachesbach, and Caroline Kelly.

"Full Moon Paddle" - Patrick Shannon, representative for the Scantic River Watershed Association, delivers 195 pounds of food and a cash donation collected at the event.

...Pratt & Whitney's United Way "Day of Caring"...

p and w 1 p and w 2 p and w 3

1- Pratt & Whitney employees Laurie Kralovic, Ted Kravolic, Anita Curtis, and Steve Rosenberg prepare to provide "care" for our facility.

2-3 The group, proudly wearing their "Live United" shirts, spent a  Saturday painting trim, cleaning the stocking and distribution areas, and filling shelves.

...Veggies, Veggies, and more Veggies...

community garden cybulski 1 cybulski 2 cybulski 3

1- Community Garden- Amelia Grimes and Rita Tessier deliver 537 pounds of tomatoes harvested from the garden at the Enfield Senior Center.  Many more vegetable donations are expected.

2-4 Willard Cybulski Correctional Institiution- (2) Tom Arcouette, Food Shelf Operations Manager, greets Dave Rosten and and Jeff Stannard as they deliver 1000 pounds of freshly picked vegetables. (3) Jeff Stannard, C.O. of the Willard Cybulski Horticulture Department, brought a variety of tomatoes, beans, and arugula. (4) The group loaded the potatoes onto carts for distribution.


..."Rally Against Hunger" Car Show...

Held at the Enfield Square parking lot on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, hundreds of spectators had the opportunity to view show cars and learn about the needs of our families.

rally 1

1- Kathleen Souvigney, Board Secretary and chairperson for the event, and Jeff Foss, Board member, accept a sponsorship check from Deb McCarthy, Rockville Bank representative.

2- Walt Wosko, owner of CT Custom Car, and Norm LeBlanc, representative of Trantolo&Trantolo, assisted with the organization of the event and present awards to the winners. 


rally 2

Many booths were available, and a DJ Los provided music.

rally 5

The 200+ show cars impressed the spectators.

rally 6


lb summer

Our food bank serves as the site host for the USDA  summer free lunch program for children 18 years and younger  The Connecticut State Department of Education supervises the project.  The Community Renewal Team provides the boxed lunches and drinks, and we are responsible for hiring the staff, receiving and distributing the lunches, scheduling the activities and information center presenters, and fund raising to meet the expenses. We plan and implement the project in collaboration with Community Renewal Team, End Hunger Connecticut! / CT No Kid Hungry, Enfield Social Services, Foodshare, Inc., and St. Patrick's parish, and United Way of North Central Connecticut, and United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut..  The 9 week program is conducted at St. Patrick's parish hall from noon to 1 PM (Mondays through Fridays).

Funding for the project has been provided by C&S Wholesale Grocers, Community Renewal Team, Enfield Democratic Town Committee,End Hunger Connecticut!, Enfield Food Shelf, Inc., Enfield Elks Club Lodge #2222, "The Lady Js" - General Federation of Woman's Club of Enfield Juniorettes, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Network Engineering Services, St. Patrick's parish, and Shop Rite of Enfield. Additional financial assistance and in-kind donations of supplies have been received from all sectors of the local and regional communities. 

sponsors collaborators

...The Collaborating Team...

lb 2

...The Staff...

All staff members have completed Community Renewal Team training, USDA  Civil Rights Non-Discrimination Policy training, and Archdiocese of Hartford "Safe Environments" training.  The group has been involved in the planning of the project since February 2012.  The Co-Site Directors are responsible for receiving, storing, distributing the drinks and boxed lunches, recording data, and calling orders for the next day's meals.  The Co-Site Supervisors greet and orient volunteers and activity presenters and supervise the daily activities.


Day after day, "The Fab 6 plus 4" distributed lunches, supervised activities, guided children, and counseled parents.  Their dedication, sensitivity, and role-modeling made a difference in the lives of the Lunch Bunch kids and their parents.  Pictured above are Becca, Logan, Isaiah, Bonney Durocher- Co-Site Director, Renee Sawyer - Co-Site Director, Beth Wysk - Co-Site Supervisor, Natasha, Dean Brodeur - Co-Site Supervisor, Mackenzie, Lisa Lusardi - Substitute Employee and volunteer, and Susan Lusardi, Volunteer mom. 


... Opening day ...

"Kids eat here free" welcomes the children and parents.  Jameson Miller of Maple Hill Farms Inc. delivers the drinks and lunches prepared by the Community Renewal Team.  A  schedule of activities details upcoming events.

opening 1

The sponsor banner and the parent information center calendar are displayed.  Beth covers the table.  A  Lunch Bunch kid sanitizes his hands while another holds the lunch and drink.

opening 2

...The Lunch Bunch Quilt...

With the assistance of volunteers and parents, Beth Wysk, Co-Site Supervisor and Bay Path College intern, guided children as they created patches and assembled the quilt .


"Back Pack Day"

Hundreds of children and parents awaited patiently for the opportunity to obtain lunches, back packs, and supplies.

We received 545 backpacks and 55 boxes of school supplies.

Steve Bennett and Melissa Coneliuson-Barnes (Assistant to GM/Payroll/Volunteer Coordinator), employees of C&S Wholesale Grocers (Suffield,CT) provided a $1000 grant to bolster funding for the effort.

Individuals and groups from all sectors of the local and regional communities made additional donations.

A  group of volunteers including employees from C&S Wholesale Grocers, Shop Rite of Enfield, Symetra Life Insurance Co., and Unum Life Insurance Co. assisted with the distribution.

Luis Miguel Ayala, CT Dental Health Partnership, made packets of dental products available.

Pam Brown, Director of Enfield Social Services, and Joel Cox, Assistant Director of Social Services, helped and conducted a raffle for shoe products.

442 back packs and supplies were distributed at "Back Pack Day," and the others were given to Neighborhood Services, the Family Resource Center, and the Enfield Public Schools.

bp day 1

Donations of school supplies are sorted.  A  stack of hundreds of back packs awaits.

Volunteers move the supplies and back packs to the distribution area.

Volunteers help parents and children as they select back packs and obtain necessary supplies.


... Lunch Bunch LEGO 500...

Members of the Lego Team, led by Melissa, assisted the kids as they created and raced their cars.  At the conclusion of the activity, the children were given their creations and a gift bag filled with creative Lego items.


... Lunch Bunch Olympians...

Members of the Youth Council of Enfield Youth Services and advisors Andrea Mashiak and Christine Turner conducted the 2 day event which included team hula ball games, red light green light individual medley, individual bean bag toss, and "Simon Says" individual competition.  At the conclusion of each day's events, gold medals were awarded to all participants.


... "Tennis Anyone?"

Mike Myers, Director and Manager of the The Enfield Tennis Club, showed the Lunch Bunch kids the basics about playing tennis and involved them in interactive activities.



... A visit from a very important sponsor...

Karen Jarmoc, Chair of the United Way of North Central Connecticut, and her daughter Celia have fun with the Lunch Bunch kids.  As a State Representative, Karen was instrumental in creating legislation and programs for children and initiated the Lunch Bunch project.

karen j

A visit fromState Senator John Kissel - 7th District

Senator John Kissel visited, learned about our outreach program, and spoke with staff, volunteers, kids, and parents.  The Senator pledged his continued support for our outreach and food bank programs.

1-  The Senator speaks with Bonney Durocher, Co-Site Director

2- The Senator talks with a Lunch Bunch kid, Hilarie, and Melissa( Unum Life Insurance employee volunteers) and joined in a "Sorry" game.

senator k

... Scott Kaupin, Mayor of Enfield, CT...

Mayor Scott Kaupin visited to celebrate a Lunch Bunch kid birthday and helped create Jenga structures.

mayor 1 mayor 2

...A dedicated volunteer...

Trisha DelNegro, Human Resources Director for Shop Rite of Enfield, conducted face painting activities several days each week.  In photo 1, Trisha teaches granddaughter Sky the art of applying a perfect image.


...Chris Rowe - "Team Integrity"...

Chris, a member of Integrity Martial Arts' "Team Integrity," explained some of the basics about martial arts, involved the kids in interactive activities involving some of the martial arts movements, and shared his passion for the martial arts.

team interity

...The Power of Flour...

Annalisa Deal, Youth Advocate for THE NETWORK, involved the Lunch Bunch kids in a "floury" stress relieving activity.

the network

...Just Lunch Bunching...

fun 8 10

UNUM Employee Volunteers - Building, Connecting, Role-Modeling

1- Bob creates a "Jingo" structure.  2- Steve, Bob, and Ben prepare a project.  3-  Steve tries to "Connect Four."

unum 8 10

Dairy Parfaits ala Michelle Mattia, Shop Rite Dietitian

Ms. Mattia explained the importance of dairy products, helped the kis and parents create parfaits topped with a variety of fruits, and gave each a "parfaitstache."


FOX CT NEWS Mobile Unit

Jeff Foss, photographer/editor for Fox CT News,visited with the mobile unit and its 50 foot tower and explained filming news broadcasts.

Ct news

...A Calvary Presbyterian Caring Finale...


(center)  Nanny wears a face-painted heart, emblematic of the spirit of the Calvary Presbyterian Church volunteers.

1-2 Kids enjoyed creating creative crafts.  3- Evans Farrell engages kids in a game.  4- Danielle and Sheila create face painting images.  5- Marian reads to a little guy.  6-  James displays his creative craft.  7- Mike prepares his balloon for launching.

...Personalized cartoons from Rick Stromoski, Soup to NUTZ illustrator...

rick s

1- Rick created a special cartoon for the Lunch Bunch.

2- Rick enjoys playing "foozeball."

3-5 Kids tell Rick thir favorite animal and he creates a cartoon for each.

6- Becca proudly displays her personalized penguin.

...Crafts & Fun with Enfield Youth Services...

youth services

...Calvary Presbyterian Church volunteer parishioners...

Lots of fun was had during the 4th visit from the Calvary volunteers.

calvary 7 25

1- Lisa and Kathy help the kids with craft projects.

2- Corrine creates a face painting image.

3- Natalie explains the fruit and vegetable scented paints.

4- Kathy, Sheila, and Kathleen prepare the foam crafts.

5-6 The finished scented fruit and vegetable paintings.

7 - Autumn enjoys the hopscotch game.

8-9 Two moms help their children with the crafts projects.

10 - The guys enjoy vegetable toss "tic-tac-toe."

Unum 7 24

...Touring the Ambulance and Learning about Emergencies...

Brian Grady and Luis Betancourt, Enfield Medical Emergency Services responders, explained their roles, gave guided tours of the ambulance, and distributed "Learning about EMTs and Emergencies" coloring books which detailed various aspects about emergency services.  Erin Maloney, EMT supervisor, arranged for the visit.


...Nutrition Activities with Michelle Mattia, Retail Dietitian for Shop Rite of Enfield...

Ms. Mattia will conduct five interactive activities related to healthy eating and physical activity and will provide recipes for parents.  Topics include: fruits and vegetables, grains, proteins, dairy products, and physical fitness.


trail mix


1- Lunch Bunchers Isaiah and Megam assist Michelle with the preparation of the activity.

2- Megan samples a "smoothie" and gives her "OK!"

3- Michelle explains the ingredients and the benefits of the fruits and vegetables as she makes the "smoothies."

4- Kids and parents enjoy the "smoothies."

...Mike Lawson and friends...

mike lawson

1- Dean Brodeur, Co-Site Supervisor, helps "Edgar" sing "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window."

2- Mike and "Edgar."

3- Tara tries to stump "Edgar" with a question.

4- Lunch Bunch kids sing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm."

5-6 Kids and parents enjoy and particpate.

7- 88 year old "Uncle Cmor" answers questions.

...Enfield's finest...

Firefighters from the Thompsonville Fire Department explained procedures to be followed in the event of a fire.

Tville fire dept

1- Keith Pliszka explains the basic steps to take when a fire occurs.

2-3Jason Flanagan demonstrates the thermal imaging device.

4-6 Eric Miarecki with the help Paul Vendetta dresses in the 100 pounds of firefighting gear.

5- Brittany and Lisa, volunteers, sit with Lunch Bunch kids and wear the fire hats given to everyone.

...Fun!  Fun!  Fun!.. and More Fun !...

jumpo rope

face painting

Alysa, a Lunch Bunch kid volunteer, created face painting images for many of the kids.

sweatersomething specialmommy

unum 2


...Calvary Presbyterian Church volunteers...

calvary 2

1- Natalie helps the Lunch Kids build a tower.

2- Kathy (l.) and Melissa (far r.) help a mom a her kids with the creation of craft project.

3-4 Sheila and Anna create a face painting image.

5 - A Lunch Bunch little guy plans his next shot at the plastic pin.

calvary june

1- Sheila creates a face painting image.  2- Danielle helps with crafts.  3- Marian reads a story, and Guadalupe (seated to her right) interprets in Spanish.  4-5-  Melissa guides Autumn as she "pins the value on the chart."  6 - Doug finishes an image for Tara.  7- Corrine assists with painting.  Marian guides as Ivy colors the picture.

calvary 2 

1-2 Gracelyn receives ideas from Kathy Cane and Kathleen Farley, and she begins her project.

3- Natalie shares a variety of musical instruments.

4- Corrine begins a rainbow face painting image.

5-6 Rachel and Natalie supervise "Toss the Vegetable and Fruit" game.

...Just having fun!..


...Patches for the Lunch Bunch quilt...


Beth Wysk, Bay Path College intern (3rd from left in photo 1), has guided the creation of the patches and the construction of the quilt.


Various agencies will be helping families through outreach and information this summer.

info tables

"Healthy Eating" - North Central District Health District

Michele Chenard, intern for NCDHD, explained the importance of eating nutritious meals and supervised kids and parents as they created them.

north central health

Parent Leadership Academy ... YWCA - Hartford

pla ywca

CT Works  Shop Rite  Foodshare Outreach SNAP

ct works snap michelle

Community Health Resources  Family Resource Center  Enfield Youth Services

andrea kate amy ruby

Neighborhood Services


Johnson Memorial Medical Center

beth a

Johnson Memorial Medical Center  Foodshare Outreach SNAP  The Network

info center 1

...And how does your garden grow?...

garden garden

Gudalupe, Kiriki, Mayun, Mohamed - Lunch Bunch kids - and their friendsand families have been tending the garden since early April.  The garden is growing...

...Volunteers making it happen...

unum 1

volunteers make it happen lisa julia

1- Volunteer Logan faces a "foozeball" challenge.  2- Madison and Camille arrange clothing donations.  3- Emily admires the hand image created by Danielle.  4-  Renee reviews the lunch orders with Lisa Wu, CRT representative.  5-Volunteer Lisa holds Julia, her newest friend. 

Symetra volunteers



Symetra employee volunteers James Crowley, Lila Khadow, Keryl Robinson, and Nancy Saunders meet Bonny Durocher and Renee Sawyer, Co-Site Directors, prior to engaging with the Lunch Bunch kids in a variety of activies.

... A Visit from " Lunch Bunch Cow"...

"Lunch Bunch Cow," a.k.a. Bay Path College intern Beth Wysk, visited the Food Shelf courtesy of Jane Slupecki, CT State Department of Agriculture, to publicize the Lunch Bunch project.  Linda Bridge, Executive Director, greets the visitor. 

    cow 1 cow 2


With the support of the principals and the encouragement and guidance of their teachers, students at Eli Whitney, Prudence Crandall, Edgar Parkman schools created publicity posters in English and Spanish.  Staff at Educational Resources for Children also guided after school program participants in the creation of posters.  Prior to the project, Roger LeBlanc, liaison to Lunch Bunch 2012 for the Food Shelf Board of Directors, explained the need for food assistance in Enfield and the purposes for the summer outreach project. 

   posters 2posters 4postersposter5

            posters 1ppsters 6postersposter 8

...Training and Preparing...

As kids and parents enter the hall, displays of expectations and responsibilities and schedules of activities and information center presentations are available.

                planning 3 planning 2 planning 1 planning 4

photos 2 & 3 - Staff and representatives from Educational Resources for Children, Enfield Food Shelf, Head Start, and Youth Services listen as Jane Grant of the Community Renewal Team explains procedures and food safety protocol.


Hallmark Canstruction

hallmark 1

hallmark 2

Lutheran Church Toiletry Donations

lutheran 1

lutheran 2

Hallmark Canstruction -

For the past 2 months, Hallmark's United Way employee committee conducted a canstruction project to collect food donations at its facility.

1- The completed canstruction project is made of 153 pounds of donations.

2- Carl Tallarita (2nd l.), Quality Assurance Manager, and Teri Misbach (3rd l.), employee committee member, present donations to Tom Arcouette, Food Shelf Operations Manager, and Linda Bridge, Executive Director.

Lutheran Church Toiletry Donations -

Once each month, Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer parishioners visit to distribute toiletries to our families during a food distribution day.

1- Pastor Michael Coons enjoys a moment with his parishioners.

2- Parishioners prepare the toiletries for distribution.


Daisy Troops 10357 and 10578

057 578 2


357 2 578 2 578


Veggies from Enfield Street School

veggies 1

veggies 2

Daisy Troops 10357 and 10578 - Members of the Daisy troops and their leaders visited the Food Shelf to learn about our assistance to families in need and helped package crackers and asparagus.

Veggies from Enfield Street School - Tom Arcouette, Food Shelf Operations Manager, thanks students and faculty and accepts vegetables grown in the student garden.

Hartford Orthotics                                      The Network

orthodotics nada

Edwina Thirsher of Hartford Orthotics visited to assist families with special shoes.

Mary Davenport, representative for The Network, distributes information about the program.

Maine Fish Market Golf Tournament for Local Charities

maine fish

Kathy and Nick Vamvilis with of their family, and employees of restaurant hosted golfers at the 9th annual tournament held at the Elmcrest Country Club.  Donations of $8000 were given to each of the following: 5 Corner Cupboad, Enfield Food Shelf, and Loaves and Fishes.  The donations were presented at the popular East Windsor eatery.  Pictured above are: (back row l-r) Elizabeth Arietti, Karin Gendreall, Peter Vamvilis, Karin Paleski;  (front row l-r.) Marie Groves and Dee Stathers (5 Corner Cupboard), Priscilla Brayson (Enfield Loaves & Fishes), Nick Vamvilis, Murray Brayson (Enfield Loaves & Fishes), Kathy Vamvilis, and Linda Bridge (Enfield Food Shelf).  Kathy and Nick's golf tournaments have raised $154,000 for the local charities.


JFK" Penny Wars"



Learning about hunger...


JFK "Penny Wars"

The students at John F. Kennedy Middle School donated a check for $1,473 to the Enfield Food Shelf and Enfield Loaves & Fishes soup kitchen.  The money was raised through the school's "Penny Wars," where money was collected over an eight-day period. Pictured in the back row from left to right are: Advisors Kyllie Freeman and Chris Scioscio, Linda Bridge from the Food Shelf, Advisor Kim Jackle, Priscilla and Murray Brayson from Enfield Loaves & Fishes, and JFK Principal Timothy Van Tasel. In the front row are students Sean, Laurissa, Tiffanie, and Brittanie.

Learning about hunger...

Linda Bridge, Executive Director, informed students in Mr. Person's class at the Metropolitan Learning Center (Bloomfield, CT) about hunger and its impact on families in our area.


Lunch Bunch Happenings...

Tobacco Valley Teachers Federal Credit Union, Prudence Crandall School, and Shop Rite of Enfield donated school supplies for the "Back Pack Day" activity to be held on the final day of the pogram.





1- Myrijam M. Meserve - Manager/CEO and Nina Chrisanthopoulos - Marketing Manager for the Tobacco Valley Teachers Federal Credit Union give school supplies donated by the credit union’s members during their annual “National Credit Union Youth Month” celebration.

2- Altressa Cox-Blackwell - Principal of Prudence Crandall School receives help from Mike to deliver a box of back packs. 

3- Charles Miller - Shop Rite of Enfield provided a cart filled with an assortment of school supplies.

Preparing the Lunch Bunch garden...

Lunch Bunch kids Guadalupe, Kiriki, Mayun, and Mohamed have been preparing the garden, a new activity for the summer program.  The kids will tend the garden located in the St, Patrick's Church Community garden area adjacent to the chuch.

lb garden

1- Mayun places the garden sign in the plot.

2- The kids, family and friends weed, till, and fertilzer the soil.

3-4-5 Mohamed, Guadalupe, and Mayun plant the cherry tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, and hot peppers.


Contributions, Contributions, Contributions...

  "Spring Splash"                                          Mark Twain Assisted Living

  sprng splash    m twain

"Town-wide Tag Sale"                              Disney ESPN

pla tag sale  espn disney

21st Annual" Scantic Valley Spring Splash"

Mike Dynia, event organizer and longtime supporter of our food bank, presents a $300 donation and delivered 70 pounds of donated food.

Mark Twain Assisted Living

Residents with the help of staff collected 255 pounds in food donations.  Pictured above are Linda Bridge, Giovanni Waterhouse - Enfield Housing Authority, Noel Delano - Mark Twain President, Kathleen Sullivan - Mark Twain Vice- President, and residents Lee, Arlene, Eleanor, and Celia.

"Town-wide Tag Sale"

Parent Leadership Academy students conducted their 2nd annual town-wide tag sale to benefit our food bank.  Accepting the $945 donation is Jackie Hines, Food Shelf High school student volunteer

Disney ESPN

Tim LeBlanc, Disney ESPN employee, completed more than 100 hours of service for us and presents a $1000 donation to Linda Bridge.

"Kid's Care Project"

ht 2 

Sunday School Children

ht 1

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

"Stamp Out Hunger" Drive

pdrive 2

pdrive 1

National Association of Letter Carriers

"Kids Care Project"

The Sunday School Children of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church conducted the project to benefit the Enfield Food Shelf's "Lunch Bunch 2012" summer free food outreach program for children.  The Sunday School children presented the $500 donation at a worship service.  A  Lunch Bunch mom thanked the children and the congregation and shared the importance and benefit of the summer project to her family.

1- Abigail displays the goal thermometer to Roger LeBlanc, liaison to Lunch Bunch 2012 for the Enfield Food Shelf Board of Directors.

2- Kathryn Bushnell, wife of Pastor Peter Bushnell, and the school children and staff present the $500 donation.

"Stamp Out Hunger"

The National Association of Letter Carriers conducted its annual drive and collected 17,000 pounds of food.

1-  A letter carrier delivers the donations to Linda Bridge, Executive Director.

2- Dave, an employee of C&S Wholesale Grocers, carriers donated items to be weighed, sorted, and stored.


Support from the Enfield Democratic Town Committee

Members of the Enfield Democratic Town Committee displayed their concern about the hunger issues plaguing Enfield residents.  At a recent meeting, Linda Bridge -Executive Director explained the challenges confronting our food food bank as we minister to the needs of 400 families per week.  Roger LeBlanc - liaison to Lunch Bunch 2012 for the Enfield Food Shelf Board of Directors outlined the plans for the summer free lunch outreach program for children 18 and under to be held at St. Patrick's parish hall.  The Food Shelf serves as the site host for the project, which is in its 3rd year of operation.  Bill Thomson, Chair of the Town Committee, pledged support and involvement from the members for our food bank and other assistance programs because these are issues that affect everyone in the community.

Hunger is everyone's issue...


(above)  Bill Thomson, Chair, and members of the Town Committee present a $500 donation to Linda Bridge and Roger LeBlanc.

A Community Responds...

hallmark    savings institute

          lions      am 80


(row 1)

Hallmark Book Donation - Carl Tallarita, Quality Assurance Manager for Hallmark Cards, delivers 3 cases of books collected in a book drive as a part of a United Way project.

Savings Institute Bank & Trust -  Ed Palomba presents a $100 donation to Linda Bridge, Executive Director.

(row 2)

Enfield Lions Club - Jack McCuin, member of the Enfield Lions Club, presents a $200 donation to Linda Bridge.  $100 will support Lunch Bunch 2012, and the other $100 will help with food purchases.

American Legion Post #80 - Ray Almodovar, Post 80 representative and Food Shelf volunteer, presents a $500 donation to Linda Bridge.



"The Lady Js" Raise $1246 for Lunch Bunch 2012

"The Lady Js," General Federation Woman's Club of Enfield Juniorettes, sponsored, planned, and implemented the "Lunch Bunch 2012 Pancake Breakfast" held at St. Patrick's parish hall.  Gail Wence and Trudy Fleck," Lady Js" advisors, guided and assisted the ladies with the project.  The Enfield Food Shelf serves as the site host for Lunch Bunch, a summer free food outreach project for children 18 and under, in collaboration with local and state non-profit agencies.  Donations of cash and food were received from: James Alaimo, Big Y of Enfield, Costco of Enfield, Enfield Democratic Town Committee, General Federation Woman's Club of Enfield, Gayles Thyme Herb and Spice Shoppe of Enfield, Richard and Claire Hall, Hazardville Motors of Enfield, Beth Hinkel and family, Janik Sausage Company of Enfield, Kim's Nails of Enfield, Janet Kirby, Moe's of Enfield, Ida Packard, Pet Agree II of Enfield, Shop Rite of Enfield, and Tony's Barber Shop of Enfield.  Saint Patrick's parish and Pastor John Weaver made the hall available free of charge.

"The Lady Js" 

lj 1

Andrea (Vice-Presiden)t, Rachel, Stephanie (President), Jen, Katrina, Aleena


1- The group prepares for the breakfast.

2- Renee Sawyer, Food Shelf volunteer and Lunch Bunch Site Director, separates the sausages donated by the Janik Sausage Company (Enfield, CT).

3- The group mixes the batter and warms the ovens.

4- Tom Arcouette, Food Shelf volunteer, pours the pancake batter onto the griddles.


1- Jen and Stephanie sell the tickets.

2-3-4 Tara, Stephanie, and Alysa, Lunch Bunch kids, welcome and thank everyone while Tina, their mom, prepares the orange juice and cups.


1- Bill Kweder, member of the Food Shelf Board of Directors, receives help from Tina and Tara.

2- Pastor John Weaver and friends enjoy the breakfast.

3- Tim Jensen of "patch.com" and a friend enjoy the pancakes.

lj 5

"The Lady Js" present a $1046 donation to Roger LeBlanc, liason to Lunch Bunch 2012.


Big Y of Enfield Employees... World Class Contributors!

Michelle, Susan, and Alex spent several hours preparing bags of sugar for distribution to our families.

     b y 1 by 2 by 3    

Volunteers Make It Happen!

At the "Volunteer Appreciation Banquet," hosted by the Board of Directors of the Enfield Food Shefl at the Grassmere Country Club, the Enfield Town Council praised the efforts of the food bank volunteers for their continuing efforts and assistance given to the hundreds of needy Enfield families.  (below) Linda Bridge, Executive Director, accepts the Town Council commendation from Mayor Scott Kaupin and Councilwoman Mangini.

vb 1

Each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday throughout the year, our dedicated volunteers assist with the many tasks required in order for our food bank to minister to the needs of our families.  In addition to this weekly commitment, they and hundreds of others (church parishioners, public school employees and students, businesses, civic organizations, State and local government departments, and non-profit sister agencies) assist at collaborative special events like the National Association of Letter Carriers'   "Stamp out Hunger" Drive, "Car Rally against Hunger," and the Lunch Bunch outreach program.  Their combined efforts have made a significant difference in the lives of thousands of families.

       vb 2   vb3   vb 4   vb 5


      vb 6    vb 7    vb 8    vb 9

egg1 ...EASTER at the FOOD SHELF... egg2

Bunnies, Easter baskets, eggs filled with surprises, a raffle for special items, hams and fish, milk, assorted drinks and food items, and cheerful volunteers greeted the 396 families who visited during the 2 days before Easter. The generosity and the caring of the community made these special days possible.

     e 1  e2

e 3 e4 e 5 e 6

1- Linda Bridge, Executive Director, stands in front of the special raffle items.

2- The volunteers prepare to greet families.

3- Jean Magnificient Van-Fossan and her children, Lauren and Wyatt, created 54 Easter baskets,

4- Cathy offers raffle tickets to the families.

5- The parishioners of the Enfield Congregational Church created 150 "Bunny Bags," and the members of Girl Scout Troop 11076 filled 300 eggs with Easter treats and surprises.

6- Peter Cottontail offers baby formula and cereal to families with children.

e bill  e milk  e check in  e tom

1- Bill arranges a variety of drinks.   2- The Maple Hill Farm milk delivery arrives.

3- Lorna, Megan, and Gloria prepare the check-in area.  4- Tom fills the baskets with Easter eggs.

  e al   e dick   e barb   e gerry

1- Al unloads the deserts from Diana's bakery.  2- Dick brings the canned hams.

3- Barbara stocks the paper products.  4- Robert sorts donations.

Special Birthday Gifts...

e kids

1- Luke celebrated his 5th birthday party and asked for food donations.  Luke and his sister, Grace, stand on the scale with 66 pounds of donated items.

2- Hannah celebrated her 6th birthday and suggested food donations for gifts.  Hannah received 86 pounds of donations



Joyce welcomes and guides our families with a cheerful smile.

dave    lou    rosemary

Dave and Lou replenish the stock while Betty packs the groceries.

linda    judy

1- Linda checks the shopping items. 2- Judy, Freda, and Mindy work a a volunteer team.



The Connecticut State Department of Education and the United States Department of Agriculture conducted a training session for summer food service program representatives at the Rensselaer Building in Hartford, CT.  Bonney Durocher - Site Director for Lunch Bunch '10 and '11 and Roger Leblanc - liaison to Lunch Bunch for the Enfield Food Shelf Board of Directors, shared ideas about our summer free lunch project for children 18 and under conducted at St. Patrick's parish hall. 

SFSP training

1- (l. to r.) Dawn Crayco, Child Nutrition Program and Policy Director, End Hunger CT!, Shannon Robins Connecticut No Kid Hungry Campaign Manager-End Hunger CT!, Bonney Durocher, and Roger Leblanc hold a display board showing the statistics about the scope of our food bank assistance and information about the recent "Be My Lunch Bunch 2012 Valentine" fundraising event.

2- Roger LeBlanc explains the methods applied in order to implement the Lunch Bunch project.


21st Annual Scantic Valley Spring Splash

On a wet and blustery last Saturday in March, participants and spectators braved the elements to ride the rapids and witness the event.  Jeff and Mike Dynia, event organizers, encouraged attendees to donate food items, and 279 pounds and monetary contributions were received.

     splash 1  splash 2  splash 3 


Employees of American Eagle Federal Credit Union Contribute...

American Eagle

(top row) Sharon Mitchell , Patrick Schwartz, John Eric Scott,  Cheryl Ross  (bottom row): Brian Kennedy, Sarah Schneiderman, Joanne Valentine, Lauren Jedidian (missing from photo: Drew William)

Committed to making a difference in their community, the employees spent a Saturday helping us with "spring cleaning."  They sorted and stored food donations, arranged shelves, and cleaned the facility,.

Spring is coming...


Helping a sister agency...

safe net

1- Spring is coming... Members of the Bay Path College Rotaract Club, sponsored by the Enfield Rotary Club, created the image, which greets our families as they arrive for food assistance.

2- Helping a sister agency...  Volunteers Mary Ann Harting, Assistant In-take Coordinator, and Cathy Lichanec, In-take Coordinator for Safe Net Ministries (Stafford, CT) watch as Linda Bridge (seated) explains the use of technology for the check-in procedure at our food bank.  The Safe Net volunteers toured our facility and received information about the use of technoolgy in all phases our our operation. 

A Visit from Daisy Troop 10347 and Daisy Troop 10751

The two Daisy troops and their leaders visited our food bank, brought donated foods, and helped with the organization and cleaning of the preparation room.  Linda Bridge, Executive Director, explained our mission and conducted a tour of our facility.



1 - Daisy Troop 10347 leader Ms. Stacey and Linda Bridge prepare for the tour.  The troop stood on our weighing scale, and its total weight was 309 pounds.

2- Daisy Troop 10751 with leader, Ms. Kathy, listen as our Executive Director explains the need for food assistance. The total weight of the troop on our scale was 609 pounds.


"The Lady J's" Model the General Federation Woman's Club of Enfield

the Lady Js

"The Lady J's," GFWC Woman's Club of Enfield Juniorettes

Pictured above, Trudy Fleck - Advisor, Katrina Wertmer, Gail Wence - Advisor, Rachel Testoni, Stephanie Wence, Debbie Fiore - President of the Enfield Women's Club, Andrea Colca, and Aleena Burnell.

Roger LeBlanc, liaison to Lunch Bunch 2012 for the Enfield Food Shelf Board of Directors, spoke to the group about the food bank, its role as the site host for the summer free lunch program for children 18 and under, and the scope of the need for food assistance locally, regionally, and nationally.  "The Lady J's" will assist with planning and the implementation of the "Lunch Bunch 2012 Pancake Breakfast" to benefit funding for the summer project.  The pancake breakfast will be held at St. Patrick's parish hall on Sunday, April 22nd from 9 AM to 11 PM.   

"Be My Lunch Bunch Valentine!"


The special event was held at the home of Karen and Stephen Jarmoc.  Serving as hosts were Emily Happy-Miller - Community Relations at ShopRite of Enfield, Karen Jarmoc - President of the Connecticut Coalition against Domestic Violence and Roger LeBlanc - liaison to Lunch Bunch 2012 for the Enfield Food Shelf Board of Directors.  Honorary hostesses were Alysa, Katelyn, Tara (Lunch Bunch kids) and Tina, their mom.  Katelyn welcomes Reverend Peter and Kathryn Bushnell.  The evening included delicious sandwiches and hors d'oeurves prepared and donated by the Jarmoc and Miller families, a slide show, and testimonies from the three Lunch Bunch kids.  More than $1700 and offers for assistance were received to support the summer free lunch program for children 18 and under to be conducted at St. Patrick's hall this summer.

The Enfield Food Shelf serves as the site host for the Lunch Bunch project in collaboration with the CT State Department of Education, Community Renewal Team, End Hunger CT, Enfield Social Services, Foodshare, Inc., St. Patrick's parish, the United States Department of Agriculture, United Way of North Central CT, and United Way of Central and Northeastern CT.

Click here for more information about sponsorship, donations, and volunteering opportunities contact Roger LeBlanc at rleb17@cox.net or 860-745-3714. 

lbv 2lbv3lbv4lbv5

1- Karen Jarmoc, daughter Grace, and Mary Beth Duffy, Financial Director for ShopRite of Enfield, prepare the foods and drinks graciously donated by the Jarmocs and ShopRite of Enfield.

2- Karen Jarmoc shares ideas with Shannon Robins - SNAP Program Manager for End Hunger CT.

3- Tina LeBlanc, Enfield Board of Education member, and Ed Lamontagne, President of the North Central Chamber of Commerce, enjoy the evening.

4- Special Lunch Bunch valentines from ShopRite of Enfield are Ray Miller, Charles Miller, Emiliy Happy-Miller, and Mary Beth Duffy.  Emily and Ray Miller provided the lap top computer and project for the slide show.

lbv6  lbv8  lbv7

1- Lindsey Weber - Minuteman Press holds 3 month old Emma, the youngest Lunch Bunch valentine.

2- Bill Gordon (r.), Exalted Ruler of the Enfield Lodge of Elks #2222, presents a $500 sponsorship donation to Roger LeBlanc.  The Elks Club has and continues to enthusiastically support our food bank as well as many other community agencies.  In promoting their theme of "Elks care... Elks share," Lodge #2222 conducts a bicycle safety project, donated $500 to the Autism Happens Foundation, Loaves and Fishes, the Fuel Assistance program, serves lunches to Senior citizens, and will sponsor a Children's Easter Egg Hunt on April 7th.

Stop & Shop's "Food for Friends"

s and s

Donations from Target of Enfield


Stop & Shop's "Food for Friends" - Michael Catellier, Stop & Shop Enfield Store Manager, presents a check for $7813.80 to Executive Director, Linda K. Bridge. Funds were raised in the Enfield store during the annual" Food For Friend"s program.

Donations from Target of Enfield- Gail (right) is the Enfield Target store receiver.  Gail has taken on a role as an advocate for Foodshare and the Enfield Food Shelf, and she has been responsible for maximizing her store's recoverable food and non-food donations.  Gail meets Linda Bridge (left), the Executive Director of the Enfield Food Shelf, to learn more about the impact she has had.

1- Maria Burrows(foreground) and Angela Jerome, staff members at Headstart ( Enfield Public Schools, CT), distributed information about the comprehensive child development program that encompasses Early Child Development and Health Services, Family and Community Partnerships, and Program Design and Management..

2- Families had an opportunity to win a "Valentine Raffle" prize during our two pre-Valentine Day food assistance days.

3- Kelley Wilbur, Bay Path College sophomore, discusses her co-op project with Rosalynn Santacroce, volunteer and liaison for the Board of Directors to our "Community Partnership" with the Psychology Department at the college.



Warmth for the Winter from THE NETWORK

Staff from The Network donated and distributed hundreds of hats, mittens, gloves, and scarves

during two recent food assistance days.

nt 1 nt 2 nt 3 nt 4

1-3 Rosanne, staff member for The Network, cheerfully prepares the hundreds of items and greets families.

4-   Roseanne and Lacey, Food Shelf volunteer (background), assist a Mom with her selection.

Enfield Rotary Club - "Service above Self"

"Bird for Bird"

rotary 1

"Facebook Challenge"

rotary 2  rotary 3

"Bird for Bird"

(l to r) Mike Helechu, President, and Dick Stevens, Rotary member, present a $1529 donation to Linda Bridge, Executive Director.  In its annual challenge, the Rotarians collected $764.50, and Dick Stevens matched that amount.

"Facebook Challenge" - $1 for each response from a friend

1- Rotary President Mike Helechu and Rotarian Jennifer Kiner, project chair, present a $250 donation to Linda Bridge.

2- Linda Bridge and Priscilla Brayson, Director of Enfield Loaves and Fishes, accept $250 donations.



















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